• http://www.links-building.com/ Morgan Akchehirlian

    Google panda is not about poor quality content and links. I think it also see consider some other varialbe like design and coding etc that effect user experience.
    The most important point in Barry writting is that he make it simple,really simple and easily understandable. Most of all the related sources addition especially at the end make it more trust worthy for readers.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    The process the patent describes (as far as the links are concerned) appears to be built on a correlation between inbound links and queries for specific content. But there is more to the patent than that.

  • Enrico Altavilla

    My God, Barry, where did you read that this was the patent of the Panda algorithm? :-D The topics discussed on the patent are quite different from the description of Panda given by Amit Singal when Panda was announced.

    Here, read this quick description of what the methodology on this patent does:


    Navneet Panda is a Google engineer, he probably has worked on several algorithms. Let’s not invent news that are not there; the data actually suggests a different conclusion. :-)

  • Durant Imboden

    Enrico Altavilla’s explanation suggests a reason for the “brand bias” that has been a characteristic of Panda (whether intentionally or not). At least, that’s the way I interpreted it.

  • almondj

    That’s what I got from it too, Michael.

    1. How many links is a piece of content getting
    2. How many queries does that respective topic get
    3. Is there a balance “modification factor” (your local plumber shouldn’t have 2 million links and only 5000 queries/mo)
    4. Modify the rankings/scoring based off the findings from step 3.

    However, these patent descriptions are always written so broad and uninformative (for good reason).

  • Panayiotis Pieri

    The patent that made our life miserable :)

  • http://www.verticalleap.co.uk/ Kerry Dye

    Hi lowlevel, thanks for pointing that out, I thought I was going crazy. Bill Slawski’s post says it’s a patent by (Navneet) Panda, not for the Panda algorithm, but it seems that got lost in translation.

  • NewWorldDisorder

    So does this mean that people will now try “getting out of panda” by blasting links at their competitor’s sites to equalize the linking data?

  • Scott Davis

    People are already doing this to competition in the SMB market by buying links to competitors’ sites & triggering a Penguin penalty.

  • ahsas

    I’m not sure that’s quite a fair thing to say. The update that was named after him has affected a number of websites negatively, but it also significantly addressed a number of criticisms that were being aimed at Google regarding the quality of pages being returned by Google.

    This patent does appear to be an opportunity for us to learn more about his work, so it’s one that we should take advantage of.

  • http://www.rkinfo.in Krishna Moorthi

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  • mathewmakio

    You mean to tell me there’s a guy named Panda and this is all because of him? I’m going to kick his ass.

    Give me the first names of Mr Penguin and Mr Hummingbird too

  • mathewmakio

    an albino named Durant….lol…awesome