• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    So does this explain why Search Engine Land and Marketing Land been including old content in the daily SearchCap articles?

  • Nikhil Raj. R

    I can see the same error in Google news for India. It seems Google took the Last Updated time from this page http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/Mumbai/Congress-gets-a-bill-of-troubles-over-Mumbai-restaurant-shutdown/Article1-1097188.aspx and showed that the news was published 1 hour ago when I searched at exactly that 1 hour mark after the Last Updated time. Seems like a bug with Google!

  • http://www.product-reviews.net/ Daniel Chubb

    This is not a bug, it is publishers rehashing content and changing the time to get at top of news again. These websites should be removed, it is fair for someone to update an article and G News re-enter the content but we have seen a number of sites (You know the ones) doing this to gain traffic with things like “release date, specs and price” in the title. SPAM.

    Just take a look at their comments and you will see the post time and date doesn’t match 4 month old comments.

  • Ronnie’s Mustache

    USA today should be given a swift beat down. I count at least three TOS violations in their “feed”

  • Ronnie’s Mustache

    Now it’s the BBC’s turn to be penalized.

  • http://www.send2press.com/ Christopher Simmons

    We found one syndicator pulling our content which seemed to be gaming google by updating the “publication time” of their news items to always land on top/last in results, so they’d be the “latest” news item/coverage in the main Google results. I complained about that one!