• https://twitter.com/olegko Oleg Korneitchouk

    Why is this allowed to be patented? Seems like its just improving relevancy for mobile searchers… just like a search engine should.

    Either way, good to know. Really stresses that there will be differences between mobile and ‘traditional’ SEO.


  • http://twitter.com/ysekand Yousaf

    Interesting patent actually.

  • Jean-Philippe Bédard

    Hang on. We’ve heard over and over, over the last year or so, that Google “prefers” Responsive Web sites… I also know the big G “accepts” other URL scenarios… That means one URL. Now, this article suggests the actual best way is to have “at least a different mobile URL” ? Please expand on that… Thanks !

  • Michael Martin


    The best way, in general, for actual Mobile SEO is via dynamic serving which is under the same URL but with different HTML based on the device type.

    Google prefers responsive design since its easier for them to crawl and feels generally that people won’t “screw it up”, but as this patent shows, having actual mobile SEO gives you an advantage. This can only be achieved with dynamic serving or a separate mobile URL since responsive design is the same HTML on desktop as mobile, but only changes the visual presentation based on device type.

    Hope this clarifies it a little which I can expand further in a future post or presentation :)