• http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    Hey Barry, thanks for posting.

    FYI they don’t need to re-verify as title implies. Don’t need to go through the verification process again. They just need to check that their data is accurate inside the dash and hit submit.

    Also users should be aware there is also a red warning in the dashboard if this applies to you, but many have the warning and never got an email alert. So mainly just if your business is in Australia, you should log in, check your dash for the red warning banner – review your data and hit submit.

  • http://www.rustybrick.com/barry Barry Schwartz

    Yea, that is a verification process. Not a PIN verification, but hit update to verify you are still alive.

  • Scott Childress

    Barry, Try as I might, I cannot find a “submit” button. I manage a ton of listings and am in G+ Local every day. You can click on “edit” for your listing and then edit individual sections and “save” that particular section, but there is no “submit” link anywhere to be found on Google Places and certainly no link to submit your entire established (and already verified) listing as being accurate.

  • Scott Childress

    I think I may have it figured out – After posting I read some of the thread in the Google Help that is linked here. Apparently, you won’t have a submit button if you don’t have a red warning on your dashboard.

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    Barry, thanks for notifying everyone! I’ll have to see if any of our clients got that email.

  • Naveen

    Thanks for posting…

  • Jon Hogg

    Short notice.

  • http://www.highonseo.com/ Matt Antonino

    VERY short notice for big agencies. We have a couple thousand clients to go through and see who needs an update. It’s a bit much in 2 weeks tbh.

  • http://www.tylermcconville.com/ Tyler McConville

    Great work staying on-top of things Barry,

    I spoke with a representative from Google + Local Business and they informed me that only Australia is currently being effected by this update, however whether it will come to Northern America is something they didn’t want to talk too much about.

    From past major updates that Google has rolled out, there is a common trend where they Test out on smaller demographics (countrywide; Austria seems to be the perfect testing groud.. Lets call it, “Google’s Nevada Test Site”) to ensure the update is 100% working correctly and will adapt when scaled. So who knows? My Prediction is that it will be coming and that we can’t predict how it will be rolled out from what we’ve seen on a trial. Google after all is quite spontaneous.

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

  • http://gastricbandfrance.co.uk/ geofflord

    I had a resubmit notice for one of my Places listings. I had to run through the settings I had on the listing and click the submit button and then about a week later I received a mail confirmation with a new Pin number to resubmit. The strange thing is that it was the only listing in several I have on the same account which required this action. The other strange thing I noticed was that 3 other listing in the account have an “Under review” tag showing which have been there for over a year and are still showing as “under review” and no matter what I do with them they still show the “Under Review” tag !! I Live in the UK