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    I wonder if Sidewiki’s comments will influence in rankings, not now, but in the long run. What you guys think?

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    people might spam with their comments… but i am already a fan of it… feel it might really help people on Ecomm sites

    For fans on twitter: http://twitter.com/sidewikifans

  • joejjc

    the idea of allowing a comment pane was launched by Microsoft Research 3 years ago. It had additional features for tagging; even chat! A shame it was so far ahead of it’s time. Check it out at http://joejjc.spaces.live.com/


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    Great, comprehensive post Danny. It should be very interesting to see if the Google Sidewiki really takes off and become popular, it could be another type of Google social product like Google friend connect (cool product that not many people really use yet), I wrote a post about the Google Sidewiki as well at the following link:

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    When Third Voice appeared on the scene, it wasn’t long before various scripts were released to lock out Third Voice comments. My guess is we’ll see something along the same lines with Sidewiki, assuming someone doesn’t sue Google first. Google has become increasingly fat and arrogant and we’re starting to see the fallout of that.

  • brasmuss

    I surely understand why many webmasters don’t like SideWiki and fear that competitors will use it to add comments to your site that will be as helpful as the comments that graffiti artists add to bathroom walls.

    You should monitor the SideWiki comments on your own site(s) closely and act promptly on negative comments. There are now tools available that can monitor SideWiki comments for you, and alert you when new comments are posted.


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