• http://www.jamie-anderson.com/about-me/ Jamie Anderson

    Suppose it’s only fair that the big boys get the same treatment as us little guys. I wonder who the next high profile victim of Google will be?

  • http://www.facebook.com/deepti.gupta.58958 Deepti Gupta

    Really it is very difficult to keep track of it in large websites.

  • Simon

    This won’t affect Sprint’s earnings lol

  • lty83

    I’m sure Google will rush to the rescue of Sprint and have the penalty removed within days, as they do with all large corporations.

  • http://www.v2interactive.net/ Josh

    Ah, no wonder my 4G has such horrible service on Sprint…

  • http://taylortoussaint.blogspot.com/ Taylor Toussaint

    If Google really want’s to improve the SERP’s then they should provide exact details or at least the exact page with the content violating the webmaster guidelines.

  • http://www.threelas.com/ Putri Arisnawati

    I am lucky, my site is not large today.

  • http://www.socialmediasutra.com Social Media Sutra

    So, when you grow bigger by user generated contents, it makes more sense to be extra watchful lest you hear from big daddy – Google, to watch-out.

    The very people who are provided a platform to share become the destroyer.

  • ToiletFlusher

    When will Lysis be banned from the Google Forums? I’m sick of seeing that guy show up in every post with nothing important to say.

  • Alan

    Granular penalty? When are the small websites going to get one of these “granular penalties?” Seems to be something they reserve for big branded sites. Once again it seems to be a very non-level playing field.

  • http://bit.ly/17WVXHU Peter Mutiso

    Tough times ahead for webmasters – especially those who encourage commentators without moderation

  • http://bit.ly/17WVXHU Peter Mutiso

    It can also affect the smaller sites

  • http://www.threelas.com/ Putri Arisnawati

    akhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh danger…..

  • http://www.threelas.com/ Putri Arisnawati

    I think he busy… so he doesn’t have much time… hahahaha

  • Raviraj

    It makes a hectic task for webmaster’s to analyze and figure out the exact page which is causing the problem in large websites.

  • Guest

    I have see certain websites that have been extremely watchful about their comments. One such example is pkpolitics.com
    It is a political forum for Pakistanis and recently when I met the owner of the website, I was shocked to know when he told that he has moderated around 2 million comments during the last two years while rest were removed from the forum. It really is a hectic job, but those going carefully, in the end, get the benefits.

  • http://www.orzilberman.com/ or zilberman

    It seems like google is trying to catch high authority sites and fight somr spam through them. They are aware of the abuae made by forum profiles, signature links and just plain posts link and they try to fight it from the source untill all websites will put rel nofollow on all user generated content.

    They are targeting big authority and publicity websites because they know those websites are specially targeted by blackhatters for those valued links and also, every hit on such website is getting to all webmastrrs out there. If they would just hit a pr 8 blog it will bot have the same reach and also the authority issue of course.

  • http://spybubblez.fr/ enthrense

    I’m sure Google will rush to the
    rescue of Sprint and have the penalty removed within days, as they do
    with all large corporations.

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  • http://www.greensheets.org/ angel femmy

    I applaud the changes that will be made google, towards a better change it legitimate. however, our expectation of a change will do is we want to google there are no losers. I believe google has a good policy to make a difference, so please do not let it interfere with the performance of our changes.