• http://cartmetrix.com Cartmetrix

    Great… more copyrighted content Google wants to ‘own’ so they can make the money on the pageviews instead of the content producer. All in the name of a better searching experience (and big G’s bottom line).

    For now you can avoid adding the markup. How long before that doesn’t matter?

  • Manikandeswaran J.

    Its already there at Bing for more than a year…

  • http://stefanw.spaces.live.com Stefan Weitz

    My favorite part of the Bing system (which we’ve actually had for nearly a year ;)) is that we actually display calorie and fat graphs based on the other items in the search results. In other words, if you REALLY want lentil soup tonight, the beauty of the Bing solution is that we show you the relative fat and calorie content of all the lentil soup recipes in the search. Mmmm…Lentil soup.

    Stefan Weitz,

  • Giju Mathew

    Copy cat Google!

  • http://www.the-cooks-corner-blog.com cookscorner

    What about blogs? Are they going to be subjected to the same rules?

  • http://www.the-cooks-corner-blog.com cookscorner

    I’ve answered my own question by checking my own blog stats — my traffic is down 25% since the day Google implemented that feature. It’s a Blogger blog, so hopefully Google will incorporate some way of integrating those snippets right into the posts???