• http://www.moxby.org.uk Martin

    Does this not seem more like Google asking you (eventually) to pay for one of its SEO factors? I’m all for code minimising, page speed improvements etc. but re-routing your site through Google’s servers? And then probably being asked to pay? I’m not sure that’s really helpful for the Internet, other than to improve Google’s revenue. I agree with you, it does seem odd.

  • Florakel

    Routing your service through google servers is not “weird” at all. It is a common practice for accelerating content delivery and caching. Especially for big sites with global traffic or heavy content such as videos it makes a lot of sense.

    The mayor players are Akamai, Limelight Network, Level 3 and Amazon Cloudfront. What is weird is that Google is entering this biz. I agree with Barry, does not make a lot of sense unless they think they can do it way better than anyone else or way cheaper. They definitely have an impressive global network already set up to run their own CDN / acceleration service. An integration of this service with App engine could be a killer.

  • http://ifdebug.com Alistair Lattimore

    Google know better than most that speed matters, it makes them more money & they haven’t been shy about stating that. Setting up CDN services typically is expensive and can be quite complex. If they can do it by applying Google smarts to it, make it more cost effective for companies to use & they make more money out of having a faster internet – then I’d think it a win win situation.