• Sean Stewart

    So I guess this means it’s time to start buying links and pointing them to competitor websites? Is that what Google is trying to teach us? This is why the “war on paid links” can’t be won. Just another way for BlackHat SEO’s to manipulate the rankings.

  • http://kercommunications.com K.C.

    The “War on Paid Links” can indeed be won, Sean. Google just needs to stop giving any value to sites that sell links and provide no other value.

  • Sean Stewart

    @Ker The only way they can be 100% sure is if they’re involved in the transaction. They can certainly devalue the links which is exactly what I think should be done. The problem with devaluing is that it’s not really scalable which is the way Google likes to do things. Sure some link sellers leave footprints that are easy to detect, but how can an algorithm determine that a blog post containing a contextual link was paid for? The only way to completely eliminate paid links is to ignore links as a ranking factor and you and I both know that’s not going to happen.

  • Major TOM

    it dosen’t make sense that google penalize because of having bad links if so most of people would start to point their competitor with bad links is this hard ?

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    They include a request for details of any links people cannot control so I would say that this is a step in the right direction toward allowing Webmasters to deal with their concerns (whether justified or not) that someone else might be trying to poison their backlink profiles.

  • http://riyas.in iriyas

    This is not going to work #fail

  • Bruce Michael

    This will create a real panic situation among website owners, they should also create a solution for this. And am with Sean Stewart that he said “start buying links and pointing it towards your competitor.”

  • http://india.gov.in/republicday/ Indrajit Champaty

    if this happens then spammers will start building/selling bad links to competitor sites. Google should deal with the situation in a different way. better if it gives notification as soon as it detects a bad link to the site. it will allow the webmasters to report complain against the site. instead of saying “site has been penalized” better to say “site will be penalized”. whatever may be the SEO is going to be tougher in the coming days. :)

  • http://www.rogerweavers.com Roger Weavers

    Google should just not give any value to links they don’t like. By actually penalizing sites for bad backlinks will only lead to abuse.
    It’s probably cheaper to build bad links than it is to build good links so I can see Black Hat SEOs will stop building backlinks to their site and just build bad links to any site that has a higher ranking.