• http://seo-website-designer.com tiggerito

    It should not break other parsers as long as they correctly understand XML.

    The extended data is placed in its own namespace and so should be ignored by parsers that don’t understand that namespace and it’s associated schema. They are not breaking the sitemap schema, just extending it in the way XML (eXtensible Markup Language) was designed to be used.

    In reality there may be some systems that do have issues though!

    It may cause a bit of a war if the others decide on different schemas and we have to add multiple sets of data to please every search engine.

    I think this may also happen with all the different and overlapping RDFa schemas that are coming out.

  • http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    *Should* be ignored by parsers, but as you point out, reality may be quite different. The real point though is the latter part of your comment. They just don’t seem to be working together on this anymore, which is why it seems like the alliance may be over in spirit.