• http://www.franchahyz.com Tom

    Total flop!

    I have multiple Gmails, Buzz, Google Accounts… and therefore profiles. While you can only sign-up for the +1 in Google Labs under Search Experiment with one profile. The one I used I’m never on. Switch it to the Google Account I’m always on… I don’t have a Google Profile for that Google Account because Google won’t allow me to set one up.

    Google pretty much screwed themselves on this one. This flop is going to surpass Buzz. Yet another example of Google jumping into the pool before making sure there’s some water in it!

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    I agree that the Profile requirement will need to be relaxed in order for them to get widespread participation in this

  • http://www.edeninteractive.com E.I.

    I too have the Profile issue, our MCC account was never designed for a profile, I think a registered profile is asking too much for your average user. (Who’s not in search)
    The one thing that’s missing is the social interaction! (Which is why Facebook is king)

    If I was Google and to prevent spammers from gaming the system, (Which they will)
    is for the searcher to lock out profiles from the +1 rating if they are spammers, So if you were accidentally added to a spammers (social list, friend list?). You can mark that user as a +1 spammer!.

    If Google detects a pattern of +1 spamming then Google adjusts the influence of that user accordingly on the network.


  • http://blog.marketingxd.com/ MXD


    Two problems, both seen on Digg

    (1) Effective link spammers don’t just spam away until they are banned or downvoted into oblivion. They behave properly 90% of the time, making it very difficult to distinguish them from normal people who just have “a chip on their shoulder” about one issue.

    (2) Allowing users to mark others as spammers is also easily gamed. Create a new account and pretend to be friendly with your enemies, behave properly for a while, then report your enemies as spammers or worse; repeat until your enemies get banned.

  • http://www.kkti.com JVRudnick

    What I wonder – and will track too – is how long till I get those spammy offshore emails offering to help my rank better by clicking on my sites +1 buttons from sites that pitch just this kind of click fraud….

    sigh….makes me want to go and see if “+1Clicks-R-Us.com” is taken, eh!?



  • http://www.pagezero.com Andrew Goodman

    Will +1’s affect ad quality and rank? I sincerely hope not. The last thing advertisers and agencies need is another gameable layer that would require them to enlist the services of a gaggle of fake plus-one’ers, just to keep up with the Joneses. Which it feels like Google is trying to do, with this thing that is a lot like the “like” button… but isn’t.

  • http://www.searchmuse.com Paul Morris

    Greg – nice post however i still think Google +1 will fail as essentially social conversation without direct interaction is not social at all. View the details of my thoughts at – http://www.searchmuse.com/blog/2011/3/31/why-google-1-will-fail.html

  • http://www.mesothelioma-search-engine.com nielsencl

    There is nothing good about this option IMO. The main problem I have is I don’t want people clicking on ads because someone “liked” it. I only want them to click on an ad if they have a real interest in what is offered. Click fraud is bad enough without encouraging the curious to click. “Gee, I wonder why Bob likes this, is he losing his hair too?”

    By the way, I tried the “opt-out” page when this farce was first announced. I discovered that you CANNOT opt-out. To opt-out requires that you uncheck a checkbox, but then you discover that the checkbox is a REQUIRED filed and you cannot submit the form with it unchecked! I just tried it again today and it still does the same thing, despite my informing out Google Rep about it the day I discovered the problem.

    By the way, the above comment has no connection with my frustration at Google Adsense with closing my publisher account after 8 years. I was given no reason and my appeal was denied. As a loyal non-fraud publisher, I can tell you that it can happen to ANYONE, so have a back up plan in place to monetize your sites. I did’t and I am still losing money because ot if.