• http://propsblog.com Blake Waddill

    I can definitely see how this makes sense for Google, but it also just seems like another spammable signal. Since it will likely have direct correlation on ranking, I don’t see why spammers won’t abuse this as much, if not more than building paid links.

    What can Google do to prevent this?

  • http://www.morepro.com/ Cory

    Thanks for such an in-depth review of the new feature & how the are intertwined (or not) w/ everything Google has going on. Home run for you – just in time for baseball season.

    In regards to +1 abuse, do you think it’s going to take long at all for paid +1’ing and other spamming services to be running all over this? Do you think it will be effective? (for social, SEO or otherwise)


  • Michael Gray

    any idea why places don’t have +1 ability

  • http://twitter.com/veezy VL

    It would seem Google’s confidence in user reputation has to be going up in order to keep this from being gamed too much…what do you think? I was also wondering about G Places not getting the +1 treatment, especially if it’s a Places result with a link to the actual website instead of the place page.

  • http://www.webtrapic.com/ Brian

    if you +1 an ad, will that correspond to the same sites organic listing as well?

  • http://www.intellisites.com I.S.

    Blake hit it – such an easily spammed metric for a company that’s organized enough. There might even be black hat-style business in that. If the metric gets enough value from Google, how hard would it be for an SEO company to outsource a +1 campaign to a cheap labor country and pay 10 cents for every site a specific google profile +1s? Mark it up to the client and make a nice little difference.


    And yeah – why not places?

  • Scott

    Of course people will try to game +1. Just as people “game” the search results right now with links. I think +1 is a “game” changer though. OK, I’ll stop with that pun right now.

    Even my mother could click a +1 to “vote”

    Doesn’t that open up a huge new audience to get ranking signals from?

  • http://www.highlyrelevant.com/ HR

    Google + 1 = Fail
    For two reasons…
    1) Do they expect me to return to the search results and +1 something after visiting a site? I don’t ever remember thinking \that was a fantastic meta description. I like this site already!\ The button, which was the only way that this would work will not be available for \months, rather than weeks\.
    2) Google Buzz did not work. I am not connected to my friends on Gmail. The only people I am connected to are my co-workers and clients, and sites that make you provide an email address to sign up for something.

    More thoughts… http://www.highlyrelevant.com/2011/03/30/google-1-fail/

  • valejo

    Button War—sadly not as fun as the Smart Phone War

  • http://sereti.gr Christina Sereti

    google +1 brings more relevant results at bing right now ;)

  • http://www.plannedlegacy.com George Williams

    Excellent article Danny. Whether this works or not, Google already has the infrastructure in place to take a major share of the social Web in the future. This is another experiment that is just a tiny piece of a much more sophisticated long range plan. I think many of the analysts are missing the big picture. Think about where the real money is on the Web long term and watch what projects and organizations Google invests its time and money in. Combine the two together – to see the end game – one that will be fun to watch, and participate in :)

  • http://www.Match.ccom Simon Serrano

    someone needs to create a button aggregator … one click does a facebook like, tweet, +1, etc, etc, etc (…*submitting patent now*)

  • http://www.Match.ccom Simon Serrano

    @Black & I.S.

    Since Google controls +1, it’s probably easier for them to monitor and spot spikes and un-natural fluctuations in +1 clicks (ie. from same ip addresses, user names, regions, etc.).

    I don’t think it will be as easy to spam as links or other rankings signals that Google has no control over.

  • http://www.paulyokota.com Paul Yokota

    At least this time Google is approaching social in a way that makes sense in terms of their overall business strategy, rather than unexciting “me too” applications like Buzz.

    It will be very interesting to see what kind of effects this will have on the SERPS. Will it just mean that the rich get richer, and greater obstacles for new sites? Only time will tell.

  • http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    no matter how late Google is in the game, I think this will pick up because it is directly related to google search and everyone wants to do better.

  • http://www.admira.com.br Marcos Nobre

    Unfortunately I predict another bummer. The +1 button (named by robots) can get wide adoption among webmasters keen on SEO but who’s gonna click on them? You don’t get instant gratification from your friends or followers for sharing, just a bot will be feeded.

    Poor Google, a company run by lonely engineers and their robot friends, instead of sociable people…

  • http://jamesnorquay.com James Norquay

    This is going to be a very interesting change for Google for any one who is a SEO/Social Specialist like myself this is a highly interesting change, yet we knew it was coming. Now the next step is utilizing this new signal to its full extent.

    I can see concern with spammers but I think Google is already ahead of people who think they can bombard 10,000 +1’s at once.

  • http://www.interactivelimited.com I.L.

    This is long overdue. Spammable? No. It should be very easy to filter the spam out. My Google account is 7 years old – I have gigibytes of emails and enormous search history that is location specific in Philadelphia and San Fran etc. Are you telling me that my plus one for a local dentist will be valued the same as some spam account set up in Bangalore yesterday? I seriously doubt it. Don’t forget – Google admits to knowing everything about us. They will certainly know what is a real plus one and what is spam. Of course I could go out and start buying Google accounts from people who have no use or need for them – kind of like buying up old domains with good backlinks…

  • http://about.me/socialjulio Julio Fernandez

    Hi Danny, another great article, thanks.

    Question: You Nintendo DS image had “Josh, Tiffany and 16 other +1’d” the result.

    I was able to find the Nintendo result but I do not see any +1s. Take a look: http://flic.kr/p/9uEtf

  • http://launchjackingfun.com/ Jared Broker

    I wonder how much importance this will have in the Google algorithm as time goes on and it gets tested more.

    How long until the plus one exchange site opens!

  • http://PaulCarneyJr.com Paul Carney

    Awesome and very-detailed write-up, Danny! This helps explain a lot of what Google is doing. Looking forward to watching this evolve.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadia.sydorenko Nadiia

    Please enlighten me.

    Clicking “like” is demonstration that I like a website/post. Facebook account shows that me as a personality finds interesting/supports an idea/etc.

    Clicking “+1” is demonstration of what? That I like an article? But Google is about search, so by clicking +1, in my understanding, I show that this website as compared to other 9 displayed is of highest relevance to my search. WILL this website show up “+1’d” for people of my social circle who searched by other keywords? What would be the meaning of “+1’ing” a website, if ever the feature is up – will it affect all keywords a website is qualified for, the keywords a user found the website by, or overall website’s ranking?

  • http://www.stareclips.com/?twitter Bob Bigellow


    I don’t believe +1 is indicative of the particular search result being “relevant”. In other words, if you search for FROG and +1 a result, I don’t think it cares that you searched for FROG at all. It only treats the +1 as a vote for that particular URL/Page, regardless of topic of search terms.

    The reason I think this is confusing for the normal user (for now) is because this is only step one of many steps to come. The only people who are realistically going to use +1 in its current state are early adopters (who will search for and +1 the home pages of the websites they frequent and like) and website owners who want to +1 their own sites or pages for potential SEO purposes.

    The next step in this roll-out will likely be some code that website owners can plug into their own websites (likely near the Facebook “Like” code) giving +1 more meaning to more typical users.

    The third step in this roll-out will likely be a Chrome Extension (and perhaps tools for other browsers as well) allowing users to +1 any page, whether or not that website owner added code or not.

    I am sure, over time, Google will also add this to their other properties, perhaps replacing any “like” functionality… Buzz… Hotpot… YouTube… etc… This will encourage more and more people to use it, as well as encourage more and more webmasters to add it to their website.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Blake, Cory, Scott and others on spamming issues…

    There are two major barriers to spam. First, as this is primarily to increase visibility of sites liked by your friends and followers, they are less likely to be spamming you than someone you don’t know. Second, it can be used in conjunction with other signals. A site with lots of +1s but few authoritative links? Something might be wrong there.

    It’s not an overriding signal but rather an additional one that works with existing signals. Having said that, all things do get gamed, and I’m sure if there are gaps in the armor, they’ll be found.

    Michael,, VL, yeah, that’s odd that place pages can’t be rated. Will see what I can find out.

    Brian, not sure if +1ing an ad goes to the organic. Will check. It does go the other way, Google says.

    HR, agreed, remains to be seen if people will use these much in search. They haven’t with other experiments. But other things may come to give more incentive. Plus, the past few weeks, Google’s been under pressure to let people block stuff they don’t like (which they added). So a message that if you want to bettter control your own results by favoring stuff — that might help, if it increases relevancy overall.

    Julio, that was an example post from Google. It wasn’t real.

    Nadia, yes, this will help put the sites you like in front of others in your social circle, both for the exact search and for related searches, done by your friends.

  • http://www.kurtkrake.com Kurt Krake

    To grow this out, Google Profiles need to grow. As of right now, I don’t see a way to create a profile other than for individuals. Clients this morning are already asking about business profiles. Its a good question.

  • http://www.trondlyngbo.no Trond Lyngbø

    I like the idea, in time it might be perfect. Until then, Friend-Jacking, Like-Jacking, Like-Cheating, and so on and so on will be a target for all those SERP-hunters out there.

    Black Hat SEO Consultants will now get competition from “Like Building” and “naive” likers willing to click on everything that either has a cute kitten or a laughing baby assosiated with it can make this the new “Spam Engine”, or what?

    Any comments on how you think Big G will handle this, Danny?

  • http://www.trondlyngbo.no Trond Lyngbø

    Also, I find it strange that they launch a service like this without having a clear strategy for how the onsite buttons and the ones in SERPs will work together. Depending on the intent and need in the given situation when a search engine user is clicking on a SERP-suggestion, the chances of people going back to the search engine and then click the +1 button will be very small. Also, several “passive” niches can get into trouble when the media gets hyped on this.

    Makes no logic to me, without the integration.
    Will it really bring more quality to the search results?

    I’m skeptical, but also excited above this.


  • http://asifanwar.tumblr.com Asif Anwar

    Hi Danny, greetings from Bangladesh!

    In a question “What is better than a search engine?” in Quora, I answered, “Ask you Your Friends”. Well, I think this is what Google is trying to achieve.

    Many people think it is about copying Facebook like. But, I don’t think so. Google it self is trying to be social and a hybrid recommendation engine, instead of traditional search engine. This will be be a treat to recommendation engine and social media like Yelp or FourSquare.

    One thing that is disturbing to me is “What About Minus One?” when you don’t like a site or had bad experience with the site and you also want to tell you friends about it. Many people are in the favor of dislike in Facebook. But, I guess with Google there will be mal-practices. I think if you badly dislike or had bad experience with a business/site, you should also Plus one the site. That way, you are doing your responsibility of letting your friends know you were there. and they should not make the same mistake.

    So, I don’t think this should be treated as a positive button. Rather this button should tell you that you know about this site. And Google also should play a role in clearing this up. Otherwise, the intention to be a hybrid recommendation engine would not be possible.

  • http://www.irishwonder.com IrishWonder

    Perfect post Danny, thanks for the detailed insight, I don’t think anybody could have laid it out better.

    I don’t see Google +1 being a major ranking factor in general but rather a tool in the fight for the top maybe 5 spots – as to be +1d, a site already has to appear somewhere visible enough in the SERPs. Also Google profile +1 tab is a fail – use +1s extensively and after a while you won’t be able to remember any more why or in what SERPs you +1d any given site.

    This very page, BTW, is a perfect example of a social overkill already experienced even by such a social media savvy audience as the readers of SEL – 5 days after the post date and 2,941 tweets, 813 Facebook likes and not a single buzz.

  • http://hybridcities.blogspot.com/ Titus

    The prove that +1 Google Button is Stolen as well Copied concept. http://tiny.cc/d6taz

  • http://www.whatworkswhere.com Kohlben Vodden

    Hi Danny, thanks for writing this article. You introduced the new +1 feature and skilfully explained in content of digital marketing. I found your thoughts on Google +1 being the new page rank measurement particularly insightful. Keep up the great work.

  • http://www.bfwebdesigners.com Sha Menz

    Wow, hackers and spammers must be thinking christmas has come early this year! I suppose I should now expect to have my google profile hacked and suddenly be responsible for having +1’d all kinds of dodgy content. Clicking buttons all day is going to make life so much easier for all those former comment spammers! Just can’t wait.

    Why does Google keep creating problems for itself that it will just have to fix later? and whatever happened to “just create good quality unique content that is on topic, relevant and accessible”?

  • http://www.familybusinesstips.com Joe Shaw


    I have been following the Google +1 for a few weeks and am so glad I was able to find out about it BEFORE it goes live. I can’t believe you’ve been all over this from DAY 1! That’s awesome!

    I didn’t see where you mentioned this, but for those who don’t know you can actually go join the Google +1 experiment. (just google that phrase to find it). So you can actually get started using the search version of it right now.

    Personally, I believe this is going to create some huge business opportunities for website owners who are able to stay abreast of the current changes. I think it’s going to put facebook’s LIKE button in the rear view mirror.

    For those that would like to read more about that check out http://familybusinesstips.com/2011/05/what-is-google-1/

    One other stroke of genius is that you’ll have to have a Google account to make it all work… which should have an impact on Google’s ability to take over more of the ‘SOCIAL’ side of the internet.

    The only thing that surprises me is that Google didn’t do this sooner!

    Thanks for the amazing page! What an awesome resource site you’ve created here. You just gained 1 new follower!

    Best wishes to you!
    Joe Shaw

  • KenLe

    Check out this plugin, it have facebook like to download, google plus one too.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002125796093 Rajim Shekh

    Hey Danny, this is awesome post buddy. you are boss. By the way, If I do not have more visitor on my website then how will I get more +1s? That means, who are already big they always be big? Is there any opportunity to buy google +1 from someone else? I am new in this sector. I hope, someone will reply me. Thank you again buddy.