• http://optimizehere.co Matt

    Thanks Google. Sorry, all we got you this year was a few XML sitemaps.

  • colloco

    Kind of forgot that “minor” Oct. 13 one in the recap, didn’t you?

  • http://www.oceanofweb.com Atul Kumar

    Google Panda is killing all of us continuously
    I think Google should post some guidelines about recovering on this Panda

  • http://mac-seo-tools.com Glenn Bearsky

    Uh, WHICH webmasters? The title should be “Google’s Gift To Dominant Retailers – No More Updates Until The Big Boys Have Cashed-In On The Holidays.” In effect the sharp-knived Mid-October and subsequent updates assured just that, a major traffic displacement in favor of the old guard.

    And if you haven’t noticed, the ‘freeze’ in place assures that whatever content quality, on-page and fresh updates you might try to do in the meantime _really doesn’t and won’t help most sites_

    Many of use are hosed until Google twiddles the knobs again in January. But I don’t think the next big Panda tweak is going to somehow restore things to ‘Normal’. There is no normal anymore in Google’s ever-tightening noose and consolidation to power and authority at the top.

  • Andy

    Hardly a ‘holiday gift’ when you can’t afford to buy your family presents after being mauled by the Panda on Oct 14th. 2 months without any income – I just love ’em!

    In Google’s ideal world it will have successfully created so many unfathomable guidelines that there will be no websites in its index, and then SEO’s can comment on the quality of content and keyword density in adwords!

  • http://www.domainnameguide.org D.N.G.

    Also, a bit surprised that you left out the mid-October update. Seems plenty of people took big traffic hits with that update.