• Steve

    This is old news. Not much different from guest blogging gone wild.

    It’s pretty ridiculous. They now want us to nofollow links from the bios too?! What the heck is the point of writing for a 3rd party blog if you’re not getting anything from it?

    To get your name out there? To get traffic?

    Really?? We all know the reality is, only a handful of popular blogs get enough visits to justify the hours spent on writing unique and compelling content. And, if we’re putting so much effort into writing a piece, why wouldn’t we just post it on our own blog?

    Fighting spam is one thing, but you’re (Google) now turning the Internet into something unnatural and very controlled.

  • Sweta Srivastava

    Devendra Saxena.. have you notices some big companies (it dont want to reveal the name in public platform) are still doing article syndication and they are going pretty well than us. Matt Cutss is asking us to not to do anything then from where we will get referral traffic? However i also dfont do article submission in bulk tactics but i really dont agree with what cutss Cutts has said.. If article syndication is not a good practise, how those websites are still ranking in Top… They are moving to paid search and want to stop organic search.

  • Nitin Jain

    @christyreddy:disqus hahah i agree with your opinion, all seo company are suffering from same problem now a days, when ever seo experts trying to somthing new. google launch a new algorithm again and again. i can’t stable my mind on a perticular activity , i dont know what google exactly wants?

  • Beeru Prasad

    Google is preventing these task’s, then why he created the Google Penguin
    Algorithm.? Simply say that stop these things.

  • Harmeet

    What is Google Trying to do here ? You ask us for quality links, link from good sites . How do you expect to make links. The best way was to post new articles in high PR rated websites. But now they don’t want that too. I wont be surprised if they penalise all the sites having links from different articles posted even on good quality sites. Even Ezine is considered good site.

    I think Google wants people to use only Google products with all posting on Google and Google partner sites. Anything other that Google will be penalised. Good monopoly business techniques Google is following. It knows it makes money from ad words business more than anything else, so wants every one to pay for any search listing anywhere, that’s what the future is . You want to be seen on Google in future they will make sure you pay them.

  • Colin Guidi

    The Big G already came out and said historical links (links built up prior to an algorithm update or such viewing them in a different manner) “won’t” hurt your link profile.

    However, take from that what you will.

  • Winston

    Google wants you to stop being a spammer.
    Read Google’s webmasters guidelines and start your SEO knowledge over from the beginning. You never knew what Google wanted because you learned from other spammers instead of really learning how to optimize.

  • Winston

    SEO professionals are doing very well now that more of you spam robots pretending to know SEO are fading away.

  • ClickRank

    it’s really quite simple…and you’re no SEO expert if you don’t know…all Google wants you to do is to create superb quality content on your website that gets shared by the masses…which in turn will build your backlinks…

  • Christy

    thanks for your stupid comments, if I ask you to show your success these days then you will not be able to show your successful projects, I can bat on it. Because you are also the same suspect of Google Algorithms. As I said earlier that is Google is much smarter then ever and will rank you for your none optimized keyword.
    You guys are mentally poor, if someone is trying to defend SEO industry, you ugly guys are thinking that everyone is spam bot and wants same techniques back which he/she was following.
    Google is closing every door to get rank in Google search engine. Now you think with only quality content on your website you can get high rankings then this is your mind fault.

  • Christy

    OK, We are not SEO Expert and you are so called SEO Expert and professional, But still I am not a SPAMMER, my simple question to you “peoples are saying they are not using, guest posting, article submissions etc and just optimizing quality content on their website, OK, can you please share your success story here? any website ranking for different keywords?”
    I know the answer is BIG NO.

    So Mr. So Called SEO Expert, can you provide here some new strategy? which we can follow from now? because Google has closed every door which we were using to get quality back links? I know the answer is still “BIG NO”, you dont have anything to share and you are also a spammer but still defending Google.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/100103824325743235308 Jerry Stevens

    As soon as Google figures out a better search algorithm that doesn’t rely on links, which have no intrinsic value to the end user, all this “link building” nonsense will stop. That day can’t come soon enough.

  • http://gaurav-makkar.blogspot.in/ Gaurav Makkar

    If you like to create links you can go for citations, business listing, reviews, blog commenting, info-graphics, presentations, pic sharing, etc. It should also be done in user friendly manner. And there are many other ways from where you can create back-links for your website, still not for desired keywords. It will surely take time to rank as per the overall performance. But forget about article, bookmarking, directory and other spam off-page activities.

  • Jayden Chu

    SEO has changed for the past few years. Google is getting more strict in regards with content marketing which is a good thing. This may work now but in time, it will eventually die.

  • http://touch.st/ Touch.

    I’m sure Ezine and Go Articles love this statement!

  • Martin Day

    Of course we sometimes lose sight of what Google should be trying to achieve, that is delivering the best search results.

    I can’t be the only one who currently feel that post Panda, Penguin Hummingbird (PPH) the Google search results are less, not more relevant to me and I am seeing far too many poorly constructed websites rise to the top.

    I personally don’t care two hoots how many spammy links a website has I want to see good websites in the SERP, and as a website owner I want to believe that if I build a website that is well designed, constructed properly and contains quality information that quality will be recognised and it will find it’s rightful place based purely on metrics that matter.

    Google’s obsession with links always seemed to me to be fundamentally flawed, if a website that is well constructed and has good and relevant content can’t outrank a website that is poorly constructed and has limited information then surely it is the formula that is flawed?

    We need a re-think on how websites are rated, one that favours all the metrics that Google say that matter, but excluding backlinks because that as a factor quite simply sucks.

    Google are indirectly responsible for a vast amount of junk on the internet through their back-linking thinking and their willingness to take the shilling and allow junk website to participate in their adsense programme has always encouraged poor quality websites and get rick quick automation.

    What is needed is a social network website ranking method that is totally transparent, that can’t be gamed not because people don’t know the secret but because the social networks will self correct and simply bury spammy sites. It needs to be controlled by no one and for the benefit of everyone. Give me five minutes and I will sort it out.

  • Ravi Rajput

    agree with you :)

  • http://coolpicx.com/ Purnendu Bala

    I am telling you guys what mattcutts and Google wants: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

    They knows that there is a trillion dollor business of backlink submission is going on and they are not getting any single penny from that amount. So, they want to stop this business through this decision and wanted all money should divert only into their Ad-words Bank account.

    I feel this decision is more Business oriented rather than so called Quality search oriented(AS GOOGLE IS CALLING)

    It will be now going to shut down all SEO companies doors. Because now Google is taking traffic volume as the key criteria rather than backlinks for ranking results. And this is either possible indirectly through Social Media campaigns (Facebook or mainly G+) or by burning dollers directly on Google adwords.

  • http://blog.netpyx.net/ Deepika Joshi

    Recently Mattcutts tweeted, guest blogging is no-more for purpose of link building and now he replied “NO” for article publishing. Then how business owners and webmasters can brand their product or service ??

  • http://cleverclick.se/ Cleverclick SEO & Webbyrå

    Well, there are companies that are only using link building as a SEO option for companies. Its obvious that they make money out of their clients, not generating any kind of value into the client website and are totally slaves under the formula of google thinking their links are SEO-friendly. I have been in the business for over 10 years and I am investing in clients website value, organising information due to publiching logic by using semantic kode, hierarky of information and invest in each client website. There are links built upon the information architecture but its not relying on google or link-strategies. Each client have their own website optimized on-page which make a difference to link builders.

    I think its ok they fail and fall because they just milk their clients off and dont give them any value at all due to business responsibility.

    Internet without links is no internet but a internet without Google is not a problem ;)