• Rich Owings

    I wish he would have addressed how much interlinking between two sites is too much. I had two sites – a consumer electronics (GPS) site and a GPS deals site. I’d post deals in the latter and link back to the former’s review and perhaps a buyers guide page from each deal. The deals site was pretty thin, with affiliate links, as such sites tend to be.

    But it was great for my audience. I could post as many deals as I wanted to without overwhelming my 12K RSS followers on the main site. If folks wanted the deals feed, they could subscribe or follow that Twitter account.

    Well, last summer and fall, I took some successive ranking hits, that really couldn’t be tied to one particular Panda or Penguin update. I posted on Google’s webmaster forum and was advised to drop the deals site. I did but it didn’t help. So here I am with 12K RSS subscribers, a deep 7 year old site with great content and I now have spun sites consistently outranking me. Google has made it very difficult for the small professional website owner.

  • miadey

    So, Mat’s is telling us that Facebook, G+ etc… violate Google’s guidelines? Almost all of my site point to G+, FB with a G+, FB buttons, and many links from those “networks” are pointing to my site!!!! Oh!!! I just saw all your buttons here! Cool, you guys are also participating in those links network?

  • CyncialOne

    It’s so nice to see Matt finally admit the truth on this. Of course after asking the question he then starts lying, he just can’t help himself.
    1- NOTHING wrong with link networks
    2-Multiple websites by large teams does not mean the websites are poor quality
    3-Linking sites together works, that’s why he is discouraging it.

    If you didn’t know the Google algo is deeply flawed by it’s reliance on links, you are not paying attention. IF you don’t know Matt cutts says what’s best for Google with no regard for the truth, you have not been paying attention.

    Should you do the opposite of Matt says? Mostly but not always. Matt mostly just answers questions that give him a chance to manipulate webmasters into unnatural behaviors that serve Google’s interests , not the sites owners. Sometimes they do go hand in hand, but often not. Don’t forget rule #1 when it comes to listening to Matt: He’s saying what Google would like you to do, not what will help you.

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    Clearly, that’s not what he’s saying.

    “The problem gets into when you don’t have 2 sites, but you have 50 sites, or 80 sites, or 150 sites, and then suddenly linking all of those sites, starts to look a lot more like a link network, and something that’s really artificial.”

  • http://twitter.com/ChaseSEO Chase Anderson

    Rich – to be honest it doesn’t sound like the deals site was your problem. Unless there was something very wrong with the way it was managed. My guess would be that your main site performs poorly with user metrics for some reason or that you’d been involved in some less than agreeable linking.
    Many times – Matt’s more vague answers can mean that the webspam team is manually more responsible than the algorithm at this particular issue. Given that manual actions are generally given with a human review of one degree or another, the discretion falls to the person reviewing and therefore no exact hard number would exist.
    If what you described is accurate, I would suspect a manual reviewer would not find it upsetting and it wouldn’t cause a manual penalty. If it had, you would have received notification of that penalty due to it’s nature as link related.
    Obviously I’m guessing but that’s my 2 cents.

  • http://twitter.com/caseydennison Casey Dennison

    All the huge authority site
    s link their related sites together, so I don’t see why seos think it’s a bad ideas ..unless you are running some kind of link scheme.

  • http://twitter.com/emoryrowland Emory Rowland

    Amazing that we are in the year 2013 and just now finding out the answer to this ancient question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/seoscoop Annette Lode

    I really hate this guy.Sorry for saying,but i do

  • http://ftc.gov/ MonopolizedSearch

    Here’s my translation… If you are a large corporation, feel free to cross link all of your websites. If you do happen to get penalized, Google will lift the penalty in a week or two at most. If you are a small business, then you should not interlink websites as Google already sees your diminished value to society. It’s blatantly obvious that Google has two sets of standards for businesses online. Just look at the length of time penalties are applied to small and large businesses. I think Google wants to exterminate all small businesses from the SERPS. I’d be very careful about interlinking sites. Google is looking for any reason they can to toss small business websites to the back of the SERPS.

  • miadey

    I have dozen of examples that this is totally rubish! Having a sports club network (baseball with 2000 juniors sites) where game schedule links to each others site and schedule appears on some of those site linking to other team site. This would get banned! Isn’t the web about linking anchor text to pages?

  • Sankar Ponnusamy

    Feel free to cross-link them. Google is completely ok with country specific crosslinking.