• timjones17

    Steve Jobs could have used his favorite: Microsoft Bing, or WolfaArfaWhatchamacallit?

  • TimmyTime

    GrandTheft Android by the truck hijackers at Google. They hijacked Oracle’s trucks, Microsoft’s trucks, book publisher’s trucks, webmaster…advertiser’s trucks …grand-theft all the way. They are even using a Panda to carry the heavy stuff from the webmasters truck. Next year the Elephant update will kick in.

    Danny, IIRC from the Senate hearing, the search deal was around $100 million. For the year or life of contract I’m not sure. Maybe Steve felt Google was better as an option, I doubt $100 million was the determining factor considering his personalty.

  • http://www.superrankings.com Kerr

    Google is well known for “copying” what it can and buying what it can’t.

    However, Apple’s product was innovative and a leader in the industry, you have to know companies are going to copy you….to get so upset over it is pointless and to threaten to spend 40 billion fighting it makes you wonder how he lead a business when he was so emotionally invested.

    It happens to every company but first to market rule dictates that they will always dominate, as long as the second to market doesn’t have a better product. The fact that they don’t allow flash hurts them, the fact that Android has quickly caught up in apps and tech hurts them. Apple needs to stay alert and innovative to stay ahead of the android invasion, and we’ll see just how much Jobs brought to the table now that he’s gone.

  • http://www.maparu.com Matt Ruby

    Continuing to use Google despite Steve’s hatred for Android just shows how extremely focused on the customer Steve was. Google is clearly the best search tool out there. Jobs would never sacrifice product quality for the customer. Awesome guy.

  • http://www.googlemarketingguru.com/ Menchie

    Maybe Steve Jobs just kept Google as the search default in Apple products because he wants his friends close and enemies closer? Agree with you Kerr: Google is well known for “copying” what it can and buying what it can’t. Well, that’s how business is…

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com/blog Stan Oppenheimer

    After hoping for some redeeming feature of Steve Jobs, from his bio. He comes across as the most selfish man on the planet. Even the Simpsons parody of Mr Burns could not match his character.. He may be a great technologist…but he’s a poor excuse of a human being..apparently this seems to be an acceptable trait we tolerate, with greatness..

    . The only thing Steve Jobs cared about was his grand vision at the expense of everyone else
    If this is the price of greatness?. Look up Anitta Rodick, Paul Newman.. (Human Greatness)

    Job’s arrogance cost him his life, after using that arrogance daily to make living hell for those who did not meet his standards…

    What I find strange is how everyone immortalizes him and is willing to excuse sociopathic behaviour. apple to me has become the image of a mad abbestos manufacturer, with Jobs on board yelling how we should all be thankful. The curtain is revealed and its ugly as hell…its more comfortable to believe the lie.

    Has apple murdered anyone, ask the people in china who make his appliances?
    Has apple made the world a better place?, (Zero Charitable contributions)
    Even the oil companies are more giving.

    The company apple should purge the culture that is Steve Jobs. And restore some humanity to a company that is free of marketing and religious fanatics who believe apple can do no wrong. I pray to g-d that we never see this kind of person in political power, think of the damage a cult like individual could do..

    Well I guess that at the end of the day, there will be new technology and new toys.- The legacy jobs will leave behind was a mean selfish little man – who place himself and his toys above the human race, while pretending to serve it..and still laughing at us all beyond the grave, because we want to believe it.

    I don’t want your toys any more Steve Jobs, I value my humanity too much