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    I would love to see a followup video from Matt that addresses how many time a url can be redirected before it’s “too many” for Example

    site.com?pid=34 is redesigned & becomes
    site.com/rentals/unit34 – seo firm comes on board and does some optimization – url becomes:

    is that too many redirects? would we be better off NOT rewriting urls when we (seo agency) take over a site? Not only is #3 more search friendly – it’s MUCH more user friendly – so does Google CARE?

    my 2cents – just curious about how much is “too much”


  • http://www.commercialnoise.com tinywookie

    Love to hear matt talk.
    – Carrie
    Quick question. why would option 3 in your example be any different the option 2 from a redirect point of view. we had a scenario once where we had redirected a large amount of urls from query string based urls to name based urls then several months later we wanted to add in some other keywords to the names so we changed them again.

    when we setup the redirects for the second set of urls to go to the new urls we also changed the redirects for the original urls to point to the new urls instead of the second set of urls.

    This avoids the jump then jump again issue your talking about. we also spent a lot of time cleaning up any external and internal links pointing to any outdated urls to help get the links to them out of the index.

    Hope this helps