• Justin Sous

    Great post as usual, Erin. I know what you mean with guest blogging. The issue with new sites is that they need to build some juice asap since their audience at that point is somewhere around 0 (fresh site, no links yet). In my opinion here is where guest blogging comes into play. It’s showing others that you have an intelligent opinion about a subject and to get them generally interested in what more you have to say. Now here is where your own website’s content comes in… like you said, you better have some awesome content on your own website to make that person a returning visitor! I totally agree with building up the assets on your own website. I guess we all need to just consider the order in which we do things. I’d hate to see great content go to waste or become outdated because you don’t have a significant audience coming to your site at that point.

    As an aside, there’s always author rank to keep in mind. Guest posting has/will-have/may-have (who knows) an effect in the near future, so building up your personal clout (not to be confused with Klout) is something to consider. With that said guest blogging should NOT be used a sole link building strategy, as it’s merely a tactic as you said. And frankly, it’s just not scalable. Well done!

  • http://twitter.com/johndseo John Dean Deacon

    Personal brand building is key. Guest blogging has a place for brand building, getting your name out. Positioning you as an expert is a great strategy but should be used sparingly. Ultimately publishing high value content on your own web property is the goal, promoted through social media in order to have your relevant audience interact with your site and content through commenting, sharing and quoting. Just to name a few…