• Justin Sous

    Nice article, Richard. Definitely a good change of pace on SEL!

    In terms of determining whether or not to bid (I assume you meant on Search) on branded keywords [Omniture], were you able to see how many conversions were made on that term from PPC versus Organic on the same keywords? I didn’t check to see how your organic placement was, but I assume it’s very good for your branded terms. There are so many articles that discuss this, whether or not it makes sense to bid on your own branded terms, and I think it comes down to a few things:
    1. Your organic placement for the same keywords
    2. The cost of this traffic (per click, per conversion)
    3. Are these informational queries or people who made the decision they want to do business with you

    I’m not sure exactly how you measured the revenue lost if you were to stop bidding on those terms, but it sounds like to really get clearest picture you’d have to be able to know how you were converting on these terms via PPC versus Organic. Just some food for thought, if you were ranking #1 organically  for your branded terms, and there was not too much competition in PPC, would a very high percentage of those visitors just click on your organic listing and convert?

    Thanks for the share!