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    Great post Benny.

    Looking at the top 50% non-brand keywords by cost is a simple and effective technique to identify those keywords which could benefit most from your time and effort. Although, as you mentioned, this can be impractical for an account with may thousands of keywords and more of a long-tail focus.

    One similar method I use to identify which parts of campaign need the most focus is the 10% clicks rule. Where you look at keywords that make up 50% of cost, I look at ad groups which make up 10% of broad and phrase match clicks. Since only a handful of ad groups are likely to have more than 10% clicks, it makes campaign management very targeted and focused.


    Completely agree though that it comes down to control. A well thought-out and organized account with closely grouped keywords, relevant ads and landing pages, will make ongoing analysis, testing and optimisation all the more easier in the long run.