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    Likes are the new links, apparently. A good thing IMO. Mobile Sidecar for Google Chrome and Safari gives you the power to like a page whether it has the button or not. This is useful for SEO who don’t have control of the site code and cannot add the button themselves. Pro versions can be crafted with Open Graph but we’re keeping the free one free of adding any meta data. In my opinion, comments will also be key in the future of search, just like text surrounding links has been for Google. Likes and comments and the new links and context snippets :)

  • http://www.blindfiveyearold.com ajkohn

    The move by Facebook is just more evidence that the Open Graph is an important part of their strategy.

    Facebook SEO is here and has been near the top of my radar for a while.


    I think it’s clear that the Open Graph is the way in which Facebook will compete with Google on search. It just depends on how Facebook decides to leverage the data and in what way they present those search results.

    Need more motivation? See what your page currently looks like in the Open Graph by using Facebook’s Lint tool.


  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin


    Hasn’t fb:page_id been effectively replaced by fb:app_id?

    I ask only because you use the fb:page_id in your example

  • Greg Finn


    I have not heard that. They are two very different tags – one for an application that can admin a page and the page itself, so I highly doubt that would ever happen.

    Post a source though if you have one! :P

  • http://twitter.com/joseph_torrillo Joseph Torrillo

    Notice the other difference between danny sullivan’s “like” and tony adam’s “like”. Danny’s correctly displays the “video’s” tag and the status update says, “Danny Sullivan likes videos: Old Googleplex…” etc. Tony Adam’s just says, “Tony Adam’s likes a link”. This could be due to a few of the meta modifiers being left out of the code, but I have tried every possible way to get all of the attributes to get pulled through to Facebook and cannot get them to work despite having every piece of code implemented. I even tried the wordpress plugin. Every time I like the page, it just says I “like a link” and it won’t pull the type or the title through to the facebook post.

    Any thoughts? Anyone else having the same issue and are they perhaps just bugs that need to get worked out? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Ashley Bigham

    I’ve been trying to implement this on my site since it came out and there a few behaviors that I don’t understand.

    First, I cannot seem to set an image. I don’t understand why since I’ve tried through the meta tag and through a wordpress plugin that is supposed to fill in the meta data (worked for everything else, but not the image). Facebook is currently pulling a little social media icon seemingly at random for my posts. Sometimes it’s an RSS icon, sometimes a LinkedIn icon, and I have no idea why it would do this. Is there something else that I need to do to define the image I want it to pull?

    Secondly, is there a way to control how the site/page link is displayed on Facebook? When it pulls a blog post, it displays it as “Site Name | Post Name” with the URL beneath the link. I don’t have a problem with it displaying like this; I was just curious if there are ways for me to change how it’s displayed.

    I love this feature so far; there are just a few things I’m confused about.

  • http://www.pointit.com/ Lisa Sanner

    Starting this weekend, I’m seeing lots of “Recommend” buttons across the web. Do recommends work like Likes/Shares too?

  • http://www.searchreturn.com Disa Johnson

    Facebook has given the ‘Like’ (Recommend) more functionality similar to that of ‘Share.’ That said, there are still small differences between the two but you’re going to see a lot of websites that begin adding it. When web masters screw it up or neglect it altogether, that’s why I have it in Mobile Sidecar. That way an SEO can go about liking their client’s content from a neutral app without needing access to their hosting provider. It even includes ‘unlike’ if they forget to pay their bills as is often the case in the shabby economy lately. Bundled with it comes a personal crawler so you can have a look at all their most important title tags in one go, and notice if they have a Robots.txt file or not. It’s called Mobile Sidecar but it’s not exclusively for iPad. Try it on your desktop with Google Chrome, Safari or Opera 11.


  • http://huzze.net/ Andrei

    Was really looking forward to being able to force it to pull a specific image, but the trick you presented didn’t work for me :(

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