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    Maria’s Children was founded in 1993 after Ilya’s wife, Maria Yeliseyeva and her friends began visiting children in orphanages. She is so nice

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Yandex has not yet achieved its full potential. It’s a shame he couldn’t live to see it go farther than he took it.

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    I hate hearing news like this. Search and SEO are relatively new enough we feel invincible. We aren’t but we can remind ourselves our ideas can be like Ilya’s.

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  • xtopher66

    A visionary. RIP.

  • Dr. George Patrin

    I knew only too briefly on the Nov 20129-23rd Patch Adams clown tour to Russia. I know Ilya and my son Andrew are now discussing the ultimate search engine, pushing their spiritual love and energy down to us, survivors who must carry on without their physical presence.