• http://www.kevinmullett.com Kevin Mullett

    Due to the impending doom, or sale, of Delicious back in 2010, I created this massive list of alternative bookmarking services. http://www.kevinmullett.com/delicious-bookmarking-alternatives/ Maybe readers will find something more to their liking on the list.

    I still use Delicious as my primary cloud bookmarking service–thanks to AVOS for purchasing it–, though it seems less needed when Google Chrome can share bookmarks and open tabs across devices.

  • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

    Doesn’t appear to work on browsers that report user agents other then Windows right now (I think). Tried this on Linux and couldn’t get this to work without spoofing my user agent.

  • http://www.xenonis.nl/ John-Pierre Cornelissen

    Since AVOS stopped support for the Delicious FireFox addon I just use the FF bookmarking feature. To my knowledge, FF is the only browser that has a tagging option. I tried FireFox sync, but since that only syncs between devices and there is no option to access my bookmarks online, I use the x-marks addon to sync my bookmarks to them (thanks to Kevin’s list in the past, I even bookmarked that page back then :)