• MelindaCorley

    It is interesting to see how Bing will change the SEO landscape over the next year or so. Even with their small market share, they’re growing fairly rapidly, despite the fact that they have a huge juggernaut like Google looming over them. These MSN changes will definitely help, since the MSN portal is the primary access point of the web for quite a few people.

    I’ve personally seen people use Bing through the MSN portal, even though they claim that they’re Google supporters. It’s just one less click to search straight from the portal. If nothing else, that’ll take a few bites out of Google’s market share. If MSN can build up their numbers of people using the portal by making more upgrades, they may just have a future.

  • http://IncreaseVisibility.com dbrennan

    The local needs some work. I set my location but was still getting non local related news headlines and stories from a few weeks ago taking 2 of the top positions.

    When I searched for a what I thought was a local business search, I was taken to the old interface, I’m guessing they are still sewing the pieces together…but to the same old I find, not so relevant search results…