• Mark Homer

    A perfect article to read this morning to remind myself to stop worrying about SEO for a moment and enjoy my Thanksgiving with family, football, and food. Well written and fun to read post Danny!

  • treb072410

    Great read! Thanks for sharing!

  • daveintheuk

    Yes, I’d have thought Google will continue to show the desperation it did last year and “compete” with NORAD’s Santa tracker… it is interesting to look at what NORAD’s motivation for doing this in the first place was – bit of fun and lend some credibility to the “magic of Christmas” for kids everywhere… then look at Google’s – “screw NORAD, screw Bing, let’s use this to try and draw attention to ourselves.”

    Yet another unoriginal bit of “content” from Google that fails to add value to the world (hard being a publisher, isn’t it Google?). Pathetic really.

    The real question, is will Santa be an active in-steam Google+ user?