• al

    FAIL product…

  • Jason Farrell

    The Halo fanboy inside me will make me buy a Windows Phone :)

  • Andrew Christian Elam

    Doesn’t EA still have the IP rights to the Command and Conquer series? Because I would pay to have CABAL as a personal assistant.

  • Dale Burden

    Al why fail? Cause it is not an iphone? I mean the last 3 upgrade to those have been major upgrades right? Oh wait those upgrade were next ot no upgrades at all. Same phone with 2 new features and a new case is win right?

  • Ken Vinson

    I hope that’s not her real phone number.

  • http://www.about.me/briankung Brian Kung

    What happens when she goes rampant? D:

  • Leo716

    The one news story I wanted to hear a video on and it doesn’t have it…

  • Matt Louden

    They should totally have Jen Taylor do the voice for their system xD

  • Maurice Walshe

    Trouble is is eventually she goes into rampancy and attempts to upgrade you to windows 8 – I am going to wait for the EDI model :-)

  • Psych0_grad

    I know you’re Microsoft and all, but don’t use the name Cortana unless the virtual assistant is lightyears ahead of Siri and Google. With such a name, I would expect her to wirelessly connect to my computer, grab a document from said computer, and either pull it up on my phone, or send it to a different location, at least.

  • JBroSEO

    Maybe Microsoft is trying to pull the millions of Halo fans around their skirt to contribute to making the Halo A.I. Cortana a reality. The way to forge the future may be to make this development open source! Just a random suggestion, of course. Thanks for the overview, Greg.

  • http://www.stanleyoppenheimer.com searchengineman

    Does anyone notice that the dot ..looks like the HAL 9000 (Except Purple not Red), or that just me?

  • esail

    oh you mean siri and google now:)

  • Illogicalthinker

    You can actually do that. lol. You just have to set it up.