• Alice P

    Note for Gord — you were going to check ADHT and forgot, I guess. It’s “ADHD”. Very interesting interview.

  • http://www.photoshopsupport.com/photoshop-blog/index.html Jennifer Apple

    Makes me happy to hear that “we can view 1024 by 768 as ideal.” Those were good questions, Gord. Looking forward to the next interview!

  • f-lops-y

    I would personally like to thank Marissa for saying that ‘Search is in its infancy’.. can we get that out to the dooms-dayers please? So we have to adapt.. ok – but looking for quality one way or the other is going to be the future across all media, and there is a way to make sure you provide quality results – and it AIN’T always that easy… my humble pov…

  • http://www.e-gain.co.uk egain

    Very interesting article, particular from user analysis perspective.