• http://www.jehochman.com JEHochman

    Transparency at Google AdWords continues to dwindle. I also like the way they eliminated hourly stats from Google Analytics so it’s no longer useful for figuring out what day parts are less profitable. To me, it seems that Google is using market power to increase profits. This is a mistake because Microsoft is coming on strong, and once Google starts to slip, Microsoft may roll them.

    I keep weekly stats for my clients across search engines, and I see Microsoft gaining share. I see higher ROI with Microsoft than Google. Changes like this one by Google are a bad idea.

    For the record I don’t like Microsoft software, but that won’t prevent me from advertising with them if their network is cost effective.

  • http://www.ppc-advice.com Garry – PPC-Advice.com

    I have to disagree with JEHochman. Google has and always will be the major contributor to all of my clients’ ROI. In fact, I wouldn’t overlook Yahoo in the equation, because more often than not, Yahoo brings in more ROI than adCenter ever could.

    If you’re looking at some of my compiled traffic stats, Google is king (by far), Yahoo comes in a very distant second, and adCenter is all but irrelevant.