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    I see the malicious sites popping up in virtually every query I run that is related to breaking news. I believe the site operators are using SEO software to monitor trends and automatically position bait-and-switch content on Websites in order to trap unsuspecting users.

    The problem has gotten so bad over the past few months that whenever Google Chrome pops up a Malware warning I no longer click through to the site — I just accept the warning as is and find something else to click on.

    Perhaps I am being unfair to many innocent sites, but it has been a long time since that Malware warning did NOT show me a compromised site (when I clicked through).

    They may not have achieved 100% accuracy but they’re doing a pretty good job, in my opinion.

    But I have to ask why one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing at Google. Why can’t the algorithm temporarily delist sites that the browser algorithm identifies as being compromised and schedule them for a revisit in a few days?

    Ironically, my CAPTCH says “sought blockade”