• Durant Imboden

    Of course this sanctions censorship, I don’t think any rational person would argue that it doesn’t.

    The more interesting questions are how the rule will be implemented and how citizens of the EU will feel about having their search results filtered.

    Also, how far will the EU go in suppressing free speech? Take the example of a politician who demands that Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. remove references to a past indiscretion from their search results. Those links are deleted, but they create a new round of news stories about the fact that Pablo Politico is trying to hide sins from his past. Do the authorities try to quash the new stories, or to keep search engines from indexing those stories? Sr. Politico might find that he’d have been better off leaving well enough alone.

  • Pat Grady

    Sub-headline: Ex-Con Pedophiles Rejoice.

  • Durant Imboden

    Or, for the sake of diversity, “ex-con pedophile corrupt politicians with shady business dealings.”

  • mattearle

    Mr. Costeja González’s property was sold at auction to recover debts. Sorry Greg Sterling. Guess you have to delete this news story.

  • Steve H.

    There is no Free speech when it’s un-taxed money that gets to be heard. Oh
    well, I will never drink a cocktail inside a container barge. Oh, but THAT’s

  • lyndseo

    Awesome. Unless there’s a super sophisticated verification method, I’m going to request any mentions competitors with the same name be deleted. Sorry Lyndsay Walker, cricket player in England!

  • http://www.brandingmedia.co.uk Matt Jackson

    It’s quite ridiculous and raises a few questions, in my opinion – in this specific case, doesn’t the court case, and resulting decision, eradicate the right to be forgotten, at least temporarily?

    That is, the initial press story has once again become relevant and pertinent so should Google now still have to remove it from their listings?

    How can you have the right to be forgotten if you yourself dredge the story back up?

    What’s more, who decides how long before something should be forgotten? EU courts? They’re clearly happy to throw their weight about, but by saying that Google should set up an automated system, they’re essentially saying that they’re far too busy and way too important to deal with each case individually.

  • abigail_rocket_blast

    Speaking as a European, this decision is crazy. Absolutely nuts. I can only assume those responsible for it either have no understanding whatsoever of what search engines are and how they operate, or they have a lot to hide.

    The real beneficiaries of this, as ever, will be the lawyers, as the legal minefield created here will keep the courts occupied for years.

  • Pat Grady

    Maybe G can forget the court’s ruling?

  • http://ultimateunit.com Gunjal shrivastava

    I didn’t get one thing that it was the newspaper agency who was suppose to look into it and onto it’s webpage containing that information, but why google was dragged to court.

  • http://www.instantatlas.com/ David E Carey

    If the new European directive instructs the operator of a search engine to remove ‘links’ to third party sources, then does ‘implied citation’ also fall into this category. Would this be treated as a direct link.

    All the talk recently about Google’s current patent developments around content/brand references in SERPs by ‘implied citation’ is of interest and would it be deemed as a potential work around to people contesting the removal of personal data – or has Google already thought of this and could see this directive on the horizon going against them.

    Can or should Google state in its case that it neither links nor hosts such data that is contested, with the crucial ‘legal’ distinction being the words ‘we do not link to’.

    How many degrees of separation are required between what is delivered in Google’s SERPs to the data source e.g. a page is served which links to another page and another one and another where the data is recorded as a citation reference.

    Interesting to see how this all plays out in Europe.