• russellosullivan

    Personally I think many of us saw this coming from a long time ago. I for one with a lot of my colleagues were not convinced about putting all our efforts into paid ads with facebook. They have a huge potential reach, which appealled to all of us in SEM, but it has never been executed correctly.

    They need to address their paid ad serving, placement and model to increase the upstream that they hailed would change the face of paid search and ads for the last 2 years!

  • Catherine Kellogg

    This is pretty much what we observed last year too. Except that being a direct response company we never got the Friends of Fan to work for us.

  • kbingh

    Using clickthrough rates as a benchmark to track the success of an on online ad is not very useful or accurate but seems to have become the standard for the advertising industry. This is also a big reason why online advertising is suffering because they are using a method that does not reflect true human behavior.

    The power of an ad is not based on how many people do an overt act like clicking on it. The power is the customer being exposed to the ad and becoming familiar with the brand name, If television were to require all viewers to make some overt act like clicking on something they too would be left with the false impression that their ads are infective. If this was the case then TV, newspapers, and magazine advertisements would be worthless.

    Advertisers should be more concerned with how their ad is being viewed and how often and not on how many people click on it. Few people click but many people are exposed to the ad that is what is important. Clicks should be tracked but it should not be used to determine the effectiveness of the ad.