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    Well Bing needs some traffic from someone that has it right?

  • Ed Carbery

    Paid search ads also show useless ads for other search engines which is bad for usability too. Both AdWords and Bing Ads do this.

  • Pat Grady

    I thought site owners are supposed to noindex their site search feature?



  • bhartzer

    Yeah, I agree with you, Pat. Turns out that Bing had the /search and /Search folders disallowed in robots.txt but not the /entities folder disallowed in robots.txt.

    Kind of ironic that Vanessa Fox was the one responding back on that 2007 MattCutts.com blog post. ;)

    What I find more interesting is that about 48 hours after I originally wrote my blog post the /entitles folder is no longer indexed in Google. How many times have site owners had issues getting URLs removed from Google search results…but when Bing search results show up in Google those pages are removed very quickly? Hmmmm….