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    Surprising where I find links to this article….

    great read, thanx for the hard work you have put into this article.

    Your views are echoed by me in my efforts to educate my clients about the many pitfalls of neglecting SEO and not having a SEO policy in place for all online marketing that is performed by your staff as well as any professional hired to do online marketing, social media work or web design for your company.

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    Likewise, a tiny investment in SEO spent well, is different from a tiny investment spent poorly. As Google starts to favour less SEO over more… there would well be a shift. Quality SEO professionals will always be required to help define a site for the search engines as the internet changes over time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.xiao.184 Jack Xiao

    Great post, but the spamming continue to thrive and get even more clelver ,because it did work and the targeted site rank higher in a short term, even after penguin, you can still see a lot of sites survived with spamming technique, even they get blocked by Google after 6 months, then ,they would just drop the site and start a new site and repeat the same thing!! 2 months #1ranking is enough for them to reap huge profits and the cost of building a new site and spamming is nothing to mention compared to the benefits!
    my point is, where there is human, there is spamming!

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    Thank you – great article. “In life and online, you get what you pay for.” So true and so often forgotten in the bid to find the best deal. Why take a chance on cheap SEO services and run the risk of getting it wrong and paying the ultimate price for your online business. If something is worth doing, then its worth doing it right. Do not take unnecessary risks and place your livelyhood, your online business presence in dubious hands.