• Chris Simmance

    You have to love a good Meme and when it goes viral (just like the Beyoncé one) it can either overshadow a message or really work for it. I personally think that even the smaller business that use social media can make good use of a viral Meme to boost awareness of their product/service. It doesn’t even have to be that relevant as long as it is tagged properly and engages the user. Just look at Innocent Drinks on FB. They don’t just post about Smoothies! They post funny images that get re-shares.

  • sultan
  • Takeshi Young

    There are lots of ways you can use memes to build links:

    Mainly, though, I would say memes are great for getting social engagement on sites like Facebook. People just love sharing and consuming memes on social sites.

  • http://twitter.com/Stu_Draper Stuart Draper

    We used a Beyonce meme on our blog post about the new “enhanced” stuff Adwords is doing: http://www.getfoundfirst.com/blog/2013/02/08/google-enhanced-campaigns-could-they-hurt-bing/ You’re right, those memes didn’t rank on the term Beyonce, but that wasn’t the plan. They will help us rank as a part of a long term, content strategy.

  • aaronfriedman

    Stuart, I hope I didn’t give off the impression that the goal would be to rank for the term Beyonce. The example about the memes was to demonstrate how despite all the memes that are out there, her reputation on that was not tarnished at all.

    Obviously the point is long term, as I said above. The “fun” you have with memes is what will help impact your content strategy.

  • aaronfriedman

    I totally agree with you that memes are great for getting social engagement on sites.

  • aaronfriedman

    Exactly the point!

  • Ameer Aftab

    I would strongly disagree with the examples, even though I do agree with the article overall. Social Media is all about reputation & perception management, and driving sales by extension. And taking a hit like Beoynce and #McDStories will definitely impact your brand negatively in the long run.

    The search trends and PTA on their FB page might paint a pretty picture, but in reality, whenever someone sees something from McDonalds on Social, or about McDonalds in general, #McDStories fiasco would come to mind and people who followed that trend would be reminded of all the horror stories in that hashtag.

    Similarly, although Beyonce is an amazing artist and looks fantastic, that meme is now top-of-mind whenever I think of Beyonce.

    So yes, SERPs don’t tell the full story. Its the brand that will suffer, whether the numbers show it or not.

  • Hemogoblin

    Some of that is probably due to Google massaging the results. Compare a page on a ecomm site with Coleman products on it, to the actual Coleman home page. The only reason Coleman.com is ranked #1 instead of the camping section of Walmart.com is Google massaged the results. Google overrides a lot of results when it comes to major brands because those same brands pay the bills.

  • Andrew Johnson

    Thanks Aaron. I haven’t been a big fan of businesses jumping on a meme bandwagon, but I can see how a social interaction with the meme could possibly be a microconversion, and could lead to a real conversion at some point. The more I interact with a brand, even with lighthearted social posts, the more likely I am to buy from them.

  • aaronfriedman

    I agree that outside of search results there could be lasting tarnish. But the SERPS are immaculately clear of them. I guess a bigger study that could have been done was overall search shift from general terms to the more specific negative queries. If we could show an overall increase in that, then you would in fact be correct.

    Might make for another article in the long term :)

  • aaronfriedman

    EXACTLY! :)

  • aaronfriedman

    This conversation is probably a little different than what we are discussing here. You are taking this much more into a “does Google favor brands” direction. Not going to go there with this post. But thanks for reading :)

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