Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman is the Director of Innovation at Five Blocks, a reputation and brand management agency. He specializes in developing new processes based on research and technology. Aaron is a global speaker at industry conferences. Follow him on Twitter @aaronfriedman


Google+ Authorship Images Live On

Search engine optimization professionals were caught off-guard back in June when Google’s John Mueller announced that the search giant would be...


How To Prioritize The Long Tail With Twitter

Lately, Twitter has been on my mind. Not only because I am speaking about it at SMX Toronto, but also because I have been trying to come up with new...


What People Do Is The New SEO

This article is all about the lies we tell. I know everyone loves when a post starts this way, but SEO is not dead, or dying for that matter. At...


Freshness Update + Social Media = Happy Users

Interestingly, Google made two big announcements right around the same time and one clearly overshadowed the other as far as attention from the press...