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     Jenny, thanks for sharing these tools.

  • ChrisKoszo

    I’ve been a big supporter of Market Samurai as well as Raven Tools for a while. And I still love and use them.

    Market Samurai I believe is a one-time $99 fee, and is great for keyword research and organization, as well as for checking competition difficulty (enter a search phrase, and see the stats instantly for each listing on the first page of the SERPS with link counts (Majestic), domain age, PR, keywords in title, URL stc. Great way to find gaping big holes in some niches. It doesn’t really do anything that you can’t do manually, but it does everything so fast that it’s a godsend if you’re researching lots of keywords and working on many sites at once.

    Raven Tools is also great, but they come in at $99/month. It however has SEMrush data, Majestic link data, and a whole slew of other features and 3rd party data access included that make it well worth the cost and can allow you to not have to pay for these services separately, for the most part.

  • DaveNosker

    Thanks much Jenny! My biggest interest has always been getting those golden long tail keywords. The very first one that you listed (keywordeye) is one I never heard of and will give it a try. thanks again for a useful article! :)

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    keywordeye is definitely a good one but I was not pleased with keywordspy and semrush due to the irrelevant stuff i get when I do a research. Although both say that they update on a regular basis, you find a lot of irrelevant or generic keywords(which include stop words), which may not be effective for your campaigns

  • Rajesh Magar

    Thanks Jenny.
    As you said “there’s definitely something to be said for paying for great data” and yes I am totally agree with that too.But I having one big question in mind from long time about these third party tools that, as we all know Google is search engine where visitor type their query (Keyword) and G is also continually recording all those keyword details. So it’s natural for G to give keyword searches details which we accessing from “Google Keyword Suggestion Tool”, Right!So what’s the methodology or technology these other third party tools like wordtracker, spyfu and all are using to get these details what people been searching for and what they are typing.Thought?

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    Thanks for the great list Jenny :) We, at Webs9, have been using WordTracker to do this part of SEO, and uptil now it has been working pretty well for us :)

  • jennyhalasz

    Thanks for the info on raventools and market samurai. Maybe next month I should do reviews on one time fee tools. Anyone from those companies want to give me a license?

  • jennyhalasz

    You make a good point… No matter what tool you use, it’s very important to manually check the list. Even google’s keyword tool often returns irrelevant results.

  • jennyhalasz

    The methodology of each tool varies, and they all have flaws. You can usually find out how they get their data by looking up their FAQ. But as I cautioned in the Google review, you should never make major business decisions based on reported search frequencies.

  • jennyhalasz

    WordTracker is a great tool, but its price tag puts it out of reach of most small businesses.

  • orwell72

    You could also have a look at the new SEOlytics Starter they released in June during SMX Advanced. The Starter is free to use and you can check a reference keyword panel of 1.000.000 keywords for eg. US. You just enter any domain you want and they give you all rankings for that domain from within that panel. Some neat KPIs in addition as well.

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    Thanks alot Jenny

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    Sharing for these Tools

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    Jenny, thanks for sharing these useful tools. I only use https://adwords.google.com to analyse the keyword, these tools is really helpful for me.

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    I am new to SEO and found it really confusing as there are many ways to go about. Thanks for this useful article and I am willing to find such stuffs ahead. 

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    thanks jenny ,i use google adwords all the time, as i do not find good tools to analy the keywords so thank you again

  • Nicholas Prieve

    Great post, I will be sharing this with my students! Thank you

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    Thanks for the post. I completely agree that it’s worth investing in good data; the time you save with good keyword research software easily pays for the cost of the subscription.

    One tool you haven’t mentioned is Wordtracker’s Keywords tool.

    We (I work for Wordtracker) updated the Related Keywords feature earlier in the year. You now get up to 300 related keywords for every search. We find the keywords on the sites that feature at the top of Google’s searches. So, you get a sense of the terms that your competition is targeting.

    I hope that’s useful.

    CEO, Wordtracker

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    have you ever tried keyword scout?

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    Ah, thanks for these free tool recommendations. Never heard of them. Should try them out in the near future. :)