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    They might not be changing the rules that much. Link exchanges, keyword stuffing, etc. have all been penalized for quite some time. They might just be improving their ability to know the sites doing those things. Maybe they are changing the rules a bit, but that isn’t what it sounds like to me. People need to realize that 

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    Seriously. Also, people who talk about buying links to competitor sites to get them off of Google may end up facing legal challenges. I think a good attorney could even say this was a RICO violation.

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    LOL….you must be kidding.

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    I didn’t get a chance to read the comments… but here is my comment regarding this statement…

     “whether they throw too many keywords on the page” – how many is “many”? The rule of thumb use to be like 3% key word density. What should one not over-do?

  • http://twitter.com/JeffBelonger Jeff Belonger

    I didn’t get a chance to read the comments… but here is my comment regarding this statement…

    “whether they throw too many keywords on the page” – how many is “many”? The rule of thumb use to be like 3% key word density. What should one not over-do?

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    i not used on page seo so much few years ago  (i mean bold/italic/underline, h3), mostly correct title/descr and keywords few times at unique article with facts. But added few sites to gwt and GWT show me for cancer site what my most popular keyword is breast and vulvar. My site have explanation of every type of cancer with facts, and this words used only in combination such as ‘breast cancer’, etc. It just show how their ‘no-seo’ keyword detection code works. You have idea which the bounce ratios for that ‘keywords’ for cancer site?  
    And that guys want to ‘penalize for over optimization’. Better them work on improving their keywords detection engine from article text.

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    not true, it combination of onpage seo and offpage seo. just a quick idea – find most popular keyword on target page and link it with same anchor. even with click here. 

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    any link building is black hat by google version. backlinks can create only end-users

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    Yeah, That’s exactly just some days ago I had marked one of my clients website. I had build 3000 back links over a month and there was low content (I’m not a content writer :) ) Sudden dropped the keywords ranking. Now sure there was my over optimization.
    Thanks Matt for sharing a awesome article.  

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    I also thought like you, Google has changed the way to index the site, and we have to change the way to do SEO, LOL

  • 路 木子

    Website how is kind of over-optimization

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    The hammer ban is coming! 

    White hat SEO is the way to go.. slower progression, but no regression guaranteed!!

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    Certain people who does seo do keyword stuffing. They repeat and write too many keywords in the title tag, meta description and meta keywords(which is still important). Let it be Google or Bing, it is a bad idea to tell someone repeatedly we do this thing or that thing. Isn’t It. Thats why over search engine optimization is harmful. 

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    Anyone tell me how can promote for my web site, If all type of SEO techniques are consider as spamming. I want to ask Mr Cutts that how can i get traffic on my business site.

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    Google has given my site a big penalty and my traffic has fallen over 50%

  • SeanySeanySeany

    Im not so sure I would want Matt Cutts looking at my backlink profile. The guy from Zoc Doc did and I am now curious if they have been penalised. Their PR is now zero though Seomoz DA is 77?

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    Wow, I optimized seo for my site, using h1/h2 tags, image file names,alt names, bold keywords, and trying to get keywords density above 5%.. and random other stuff etc.. . guess what happened, i dropped from page 5 to page 10.. How the f am i supposed to figure out how to build my site to rank high in google search.. People that know what the f their doing should rank higher than random fin websites.. I love how superpages/yellowbook, and random companies like them can always rank higher than local website that are actually related to the search, and just not some huge company with random pages ranking at the top.. Google needs to reign in their bs..

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    I agree with Deb. There is a wide move among professionals now to exist without google. Why pay google or waste time paying people to make sure that you are following their ever changing rules, when the same money can go into direct marketing and sales. The move is to let google do whatever they want but for people to pull out from them, stop giving content to them e.g. google plus, stop using adwords, stop using google services and use services that charge us but promise not to put competitor ads in the future. The internet is beginning to change and google is becoming more and more unpopular with the business and tech community. Of course they will keep on doing seo but their efforts and money will start to go elsewhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steveschadt Steve Schadt

    I once met a writer in 2002 that said “If SEO was a dude I’d punch him in the face” I think this is why the over optimization penalty was created. Writing for SEO sucks because you’re always talking about “austin,TX prada shoes” or some other geo located stupidness that ruins the writing.