• http://www.search-usability.com/ Shari Thurow

    Hi Kim-

    “Hide and seek forms are no fun.”

    “Errors are usually the web site’s fault, not the users.”

    Oh, there’s too many brilliant ones to type.

    Damn, girl…FANTASTIC article!!! When’s your book coming out?


  • Kim Krause Berg

    LOL Been seriously considering thinking it’s time for a book :) Thank you for the feedback.

  • http://www.formsthatwork.com Caroline Jarrett

    Hi Kim

    Terrific article!

    It’s very rare for me to encounter an article about forms where I can unreservedly agree with every comment. This is one. I’m sure you must have based this on real data and observing real people with forms.

    I’m going to link to this from my forms advice web site: http://www.formsthatwork.om

  • http://www.formsthatwork.com Caroline Jarrett

    Correction to previous comment:

    (That’s my reward for trying to type a comment at midnight with jetlag, but I did really enjoy this piece and didn’t want to wait).