• http://www.thedeets.com Ed Kohler

    That was, quite possibly, the most rigged case study I’ve ever seen. The restaurant promoted itself on Facebook by offering free pizza, but didn’t provide a phone number or physical address, thus forcing people to turn to the yellow pages to find what any sane business would have provided on Facebook.

    Why would a business owner ever drive traffic traffic AWAY from Facebook to the yellow pages, where a prospective customer would go from being 1 on 1 engaged to swimming in a sea of competitors?

    Most disappointing to me is this attempt to legitimize the “study” by actually calling it a study. Search Engine Land is too credible of a search news source to publish such misinformation.

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    I give this article two thumbs up.

  • attacat_han

    I like the idea behind this as a way of testing out how people do find local businesses, it could have been risky for the business owner but with clever use of the right tools and mediums, customers did find the restaurant.

    Perhaps all local businesses should employ the opinion that their location is unknown to force them into gaining a presence in the many available sources.