• links4legends

    I agree, YellowPages should be a strong focus for any marketer. Great post!

  • http://www.creatorseo.com JohnCaldwell

    Hi Larry,

    Great article,

    In Ireland we have the Golden pages and they are seeing an increase in demand both for their printed copy and their on-line versions especially since the recession hit ….. all the best john

  • johnsontrawls

    Problem is, most local, small business don’t have time to “look into” whether or not yellow pages works for them or not. I’m not saying they shouldn’t do that, but where to begin? They have so much on their plate to begin with. Most of these decisions are made on the fly. They should start asking their customers ALL the time: “Where are you finding us? Do you use Yellow Pages “the book” or are you finding us online?”. Get a strong enough sample and make an informed decision based on the feedback you get.

  • todd430

    I find that even when businesses ask where people are coming from, it gets a little ambiguous on where REALLY consumers are finding them. What I mean is if the customer says “I found you on the internet,” the customer could have found their website from offline content. I was reading that 44% of people who use yellow pages then go to that customer’s website. So really the customer found their yellow pages ad first but attributed their website for the transaction. Yellow pages has many different purposes for businesses and the only way to get a good feel of knowing is placing a tracking phone number and a ghost URL (a tracking website address in your yellow pages ad) to see all the places their customers are turning.