• jfloyd

    I wrote a little bit about this phenomena in April. I think that social media has distinct advantages over search as far as being a top referrer of content.

    People use their networks as “portals”

    Networks can be hyperlocal

    Networks can provide information that is contextually relevant

    Social media is in real time

    social is direct and filtered

    Power of eavesdropping

    I would be interested to compare the thoughts from the Nielsen report with may lay estimations a few months back http://www.jeremyfloyd.com/2009/twitter-facebook-replacing-search/

  • http://www.thuk.c.o.uk Splinter09

    I’m sure it wont be long before Social Media becomes the second source for content discovery. Right now for me Twitter has become a very useful tool to discover content, but I a tend to do is blend the info I find on Twitter with what ever I can find on the with normal search.