• http://www.fullcolorpanda.com/ mizu shobai

    It seems I’m one of the few webmasters here who happily benefits from recent update.
    My tiny and insignificant white hat optimized business site ranks better than ever :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sevan.Toros Sevan Torosian

    Hi, Danny I have a question!
    What will happen if your competitions started to make spammy backlinks for you? lets say there are 2 sites which are ranked higher than us and we hire a forum spammer and we pay him to create 500000 spammy backlinks for our competiors. As far as I understand they will get penalty or drop in ranking for the thing they haven’t done, right????

  • Judith Kallos

    Good job Danny trying to provide an unbiased fact-based read.  That’s why I’ve relied on you for *years* for the straight scoop!  I’m not sure what the big G is up to when I see sites that are  well dev’d sites now being replaced on the first page with outdated blog posts from 4 years ago. Or home-brewed looking HTML sites that visually do not lend to credibly and have *zero* social signals compared to sites that are now off the top page. 

    I also see sites that are not updated at all — for years — and are only a couple pages outranking current more content rich sites that are not pulling any trickery. 

    To me this just proves that you cannot replace the judgement of what a good site is both from a useability and visual POV with an algo…

  • Tslead

    I think they doing that to drive small businesses who are used to be on the top of Page 1 into AdWords.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It’s called negative SEO, it’s risen as a worry in the past week, and I address it more briefly here:


    The short answer is that if you have lots of good signals already in your favor, even if someone does this, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan
  • http://www.seobodybuilder.com/ Russell Jensen

    My sites didn’t directly get affected but I saw a couple bigger news sites creep up on me in rankings last night. One of them pushing me down in the SERPS. Although I haven’t done any “shandy seo” I was still affected. One sites success is always another sites loss.

  • http://www.leapadaptive.com/ Time to Change

    I lost all the sites of my big clients… I’m crying and want to kill myself

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lionel-Rizky/100003781846299 Lionel Rizky

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  • Kim Kovaks

     Rick Santorum would be proud — an article on how he will clean up the porn industry now ranks on page one for porn — this update has pretty much wiped out all but the top 4 sites in the porn industry.  All those nasty people looking for porn on the internet will have to go to bing I guess.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    They were hit pretty hard already by the adult content filter that got switched on a few weeks ago. But I don’t see that when I search logged out of Google. Are you logged in?

  • alisonwebby

    First of all congratulations to Mr. Cutts and all the members
    of the webspam team, they surely have rolled out an algo update that will not
    only kill webspam but also force closure of so many mom and pops stores that depend
    on SE traffic to bring home the bacon.

    Google clearly wants everyone to use PPC and pay them to get
    traffic. This is a shady business practice. You may be trying to kill SEO but
    did you guys realize you are giving rise to a much bigger market of NEGATIVE

    If not, then check out this little experiment http://trafficplanet.com/topic/2369-case-study-negative-seo-results/#entry33318

    If that does ring a bell of alarm in your ears then nothing
    would and gaming dumb search engines (read Google in this case) and blasting
    your competitors out of the SERPS became a much easier task.

    You sure hate webspam but you are the ones who are actually promoting

    —===End of Rant===—–

  • http://twitter.com/samui_art Samui Art Gallery

    I am sorry but I also think as blocker0408. Being a business owner when my website got hit the first option that I HAVE TO pick is adwords otherwise I will completely lose. Anyway, search for ‘python hosting’ and you will see another amazing result there. Good luck to you all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BindaassShakti.Thapa Bindaass Shakti

    This is totally a crap! As “Joseph Sanchez” mentioned, there were about 900 keywords up in page 1 for my three websites. Now, none of them are in top 100.


  • blocker0408

     Yes I know, lots of people are now waking up to the real agenda here. This is a total PR and spin campaign to dress it up as cleaning up the web. Total nonsense, this is big business getting ever more power hungry and manipulating things. It would be nice if there was more honesty about this. A great thread on seobook on this, where the people that run that site are more prepared to say it as it really is. For whetever reason Danny on this board even talks like google, in neutral tones, looking at which big companies may have got hit. This update is unprecedented in scale and is an attack on seo and small business, plain and simple.

  • http://twitter.com/anirudhak SEM PPC SEO

    Hi Danny,

    Since many people are saying that Google is trying to promote Google + and at the same time considering recent updates about Social Media driving ranking benefits I did a small analysis. I randomly picked 5 wining domains and 5 losing domains from your list. They clearly show that the winners have a good social profile (as in numbers for Facebook share, likes, Twitter Tweets & of course Google +) and the losers a less convincing. You can check the stats at anirudhakurulkar AT blogspot DOT com if you wish to.!

    Does this by anyway reflect the upcoming importance of Social stats and a highly considered parameter hidden under the Panda update? Because a good social profile also means regular and latest content updation on a website. :)

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Yes, I would think social signals are continuing to grow in importance. However, that list is for people hit by the Panda Update, rather than the Penguin Update.

  • http://twitter.com/clevergareth Gareth

    A lot of anger here… I can understand. My own personal website has disappeared as I was tempted into trying out a private blog network for a week. Mea culpa, I should never have gone there – just wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and got out the minute i saw the nasty links. But to go from 200 targeted searches a day to none… that’s harsh. Imagine if I were dependent on those searches for my livelihood. It’s not as if the site’s a spam site, either.

    Great of Google to go out and target spam, but not everyone who used spam has a spammy website.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Quite seriously, can you name some of the mom-and-pop businesses that have been damaged by this?

    When people write that, I picture some small, real bricks-and-mortar store that’s being harmed.

    When I go into some forums where there are complaints, the small businesses instead seem to be heavily about people who seem to be using automated tools to generate lots of links to a variety of blogs to earn off leads or ad sales.

    Which is it. Seriously? Because I don’t know many “real” businesses that depend so entirely on search engines to “bring home the bacon.” They tend to rely on a variety of ways to attract customers — and they rarely seem to assume that they’ll just naturally be handed a ton of them.

  • http://twitter.com/clevergareth Gareth

    I’m not sure this is the agenda. I just think they’ve got it badly wrong, that’s all. 

  • Jennifer M

    Too much QQ and not enough pew pew. Three of the sites on Danny’s list were sites that people complained about on the Webmaster forums as scraper sites. The domain names I recognized were either scrapers or content farms.

  • Motoxxx

    All of my sites survived all of the different Panda updates until the last one on the 19th. I had one site that was on page 1 for about 100+ keywords and that site is now not showing in the top ten pages as of late. I don’t use link farms, I have all original content and my domains are at least 80% relevant to the search queries and now they are gone and replaced with sites that have lots of broken links, spammy content.

    I have always followed Googles webmaster guidelines and done things the right way. I had lots of traffic and low bounce rates and this is what I get? REALLY? How is this better for anyone?

    Whatever Google is doing, a lot of the SERPS are now complete a joke.

  • Motoxxx

    Danny, I loved the article and your Google Jumping the Shark article as well. My sites have survived all f the Panda updates and done well until this last one. I got all of my sites dumped. I always followed the Webmaster Guidelines, original content etc and having the domain name with about 80% -100% relevancy to the search queries and my sites have always done well. Now I am hoping to be able to keep my business open.

    Tell Matt if you talk to him that he is not helping the economy if I have to lay off the people that work for me!

  • http://twitter.com/anirudhak Anirudha

    Yeah, I am refering to the Panda Update which the post details about. Panda 3.5 which you mentioned that happened gave more weightage to the social signals.. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001377196031 Hinz Undkunz

    google want just kill the smal man!
    the small companys and the small blogs.
    just some global players  left.
    my google traffic went down 98%
    i will not longer usw ANY google stuff!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UPZMN2VVNPVIOQ2CICSMYVHATQ Dsfgdfh

    Do a search for “buy propecia”

    First 3 results are crap and 0% relevant to the search term. They are auto insurance and computer science sites.
    Now google became unstable to do bussiness with. I moved from google and I think lof of peoples are moving…I am waiting for facebook search engine

  • Gloyns

    I’d be interested to see whether anybody is tracking blogspot traffic since these latest updates. For me in Australia I’ve noticed a lot more blogspot results in the first two pages than I ever have before

  • Lee McCoy

    but A LOT different that 3% of websites!

  • http://www.ianswer4u.com/ I Answer 4 U

    Matt, this list may not be absolutely correct but its indicative of sites affected by both panda and penguin update… Personally i am shocked to see the name of Digg and Brothersoft, because these sites don’t have control on ppl linking to their site…

  • http://twitter.com/matt5409 Matt Saunders

    love that doc-txt got hit and yet they still haven’t removed the hundreds of ads cluttering the page…

  • Brook Zimmatore

    Hey! Let’s all advertise moving to Bing – that will show Google LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001914795211 Encounters Nepal

    hi web master 
    i don’t understand about google panda 3.5 version so what type of site do we upload please let me know. 
    this is my website

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  • http://www.greathimalaya.com/ Babu Karki

    hi google panda 3.5
    i don’t understand about the google panda new version so what type of content and keyword do we post please let me know.

  • http://cyrelnicolas.blogspot.com SEO Freelance

    This update will surely screw those sites who abuse the Search engines.

  • Miodrag Popovic

    Where we can read the new Google rpositioning rules?

  • http://www.stefanogorgoni.com Stefano Gorgoni

    i got a website penalized by Panda 3.5. traffic dropped heavily on 19th april. but it’s really hard to understand the reason since we are talking about a blog online since 7 years with:
    – original content
    – no spam inbound/outbound links

    The only thing i can think of is the fact that the blog has been rarely updated in the last months, but a penalization for that would make no sense at all, since the content is still original, even if there’s not new content added all the time…

  • suingthedevil moviereview

    i read and understand all discussion. from these i came in thought that Google algo is basically a program not God. It May be wrong , sure y not. i also seen various its guidelines which it itself does not following and spammer getting ranked. what a nice joke. some site getting high page rank without white hat seo, getting back links without submissions. Nice joke.