Jennifer Slegg

Jennifer Slegg


When Should You Outsource Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns?

If you are a one-person show, you have to balance everything for your site — from writing content, doing backend and technical work, research, promotions, advertising, and just about everything else that goes along with being a self-employed webmaster. Managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns is just one of the many things that falls under the […]

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Google AdWords Quality Score Algorithm Live

Google AdWords has begun to roll out the quality score column in advertiser accounts in AdWords last week. Now, Google has announced that the new quality score algorithm has been pushed to the Google servers. In the next few days, these changes will be complete and sponsored ads in the Google results will change – […]


New Usability Changes For Microsoft adCenter Beta

If you are an adCenter beta user, they have made some new changes to the account interface this past weekend. Most of the changes are from a usability standpoint, such as better navigation between campaigns and ad groups, the ability to import third party campaigns and remove poor performing keywords right on the keyword performance […]

Google Ads

Google AdSense Makes Changes to Publisher Referral Program

Google AdSense has made some new changes to their referral program, with one of the changes resulting in publishers earning significantly more money than under the previous program. Now publishers can earn up to $255 for referring a new publisher to AdSense, up from the previous $100. They have also removed the Picasa referrals for […]


YouTube to Begin Revenue Sharing for Video Providers

The BBC is reporting that they are in talks with Google to begin revenue sharing advertising revenue when their videos are shown on YouTube. Few details are known yet, but rollout of the new revenue providing model could begin as quickly as within the next couple of months. And this move could give original video […]


Microsoft’s Advertises On Google

It is always amusing when one of the big search engines advertisers on one of the other ones. Both Google and Yahoo advertise through each other’s PPC programs. And now it looks like Microsoft has jumped into it as well, by advertising through Google AdWords, according to Google Blogoscoped. However, the same search on […]

Google Ads

Site Diagnostics Bug In Google AdSense Control Panel

If you have looked in your site diagnostics tab in your AdSense control panel lately, you will see a bug that displays a robots.txt error, meaning you are disallowing the Google AdSense mediapartners bot from crawling your site. The only problem is that it is displaying errors based on the Google cache URL, instead of […]

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