Shari Thurow

Shari Thurow is the Founder and SEO Director at Omni Marketing Interactive Omni Marketing Interactive and the author of the books Search Engine Visibility and When Search Meets Web Usability. Shari is currently a contributing editor for the ASLIB Journal of Information Management. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) and the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA).


How To Use Personas & Scenarios In SEO

Keyword research tools are great, but they do not provide enough context for understanding searcher behaviors. Usability test scenarios can help SEO professionals better understand their target audience.


3 SEO Myths About Information Architecture

PageRank sculpting, siloing, link-juice flowage, SEO architecture — all are keyword phrases that make my skin crawl. What do search optimizers need to know about information architecture? Learn from real information architects.


Why SEO Needs Its Own Reputation Management

A few weeks ago, I saw a reference to search engine optimization (SEO) on the TV Show The Good Wife that made me fall off of my chair. (See SEO Gets Dissed by CBS TV Series “The Good Wife” for the transcript.) I fell off of my chair for two reasons: (1) I certainly did […]


More SEO Myths About Website Usability

When you optimize your website for search engine visibility, who are you targeting? The statistically average web searcher? Someone who is new to web searching? Or a highly experienced web searcher?


Keywords, Aboutness & SEO

Do your web pages, graphic images, and videos effectively communicate aboutness to both web searchers and search engines? How do search engines and searchers determine aboutness?


When Good SEO Becomes Bad Information Architecture

Have you ever heard the phrase search engine optimization (SEO) architecture? At first glance, it might seem like a good idea...but maybe not. Learn about 2 critical usability tests that help SEO professionals not make critical architecture errors.


Defining Download Time: Web Searchers Vs. Search Engines

“Download time” and “speed” are terms that often confuse SEO professionals, web designers/developers, information architects and usability professionals alike because of various interpretations. A number of items influence download time, including but not limited to:


Deadly Sins Against SEO: Part 2

More egregious mistakes that website owners, web designers/developers, landing page experts, and others make to prevent qualified search engine traffic and conversions.