smx_next-KO Online November 14-15, 2023

10 awesome reasons to attend SMX Next

Elite search marketing tactics, trusted speakers, and an outstanding value

The staggering amount of change in the last 12 months has presented search marketers with an unrivaled amount of challenges… and opportunities. ChatGPT and generative AI are on the rise. Customer expectations are higher than ever before.  Universal Analytics is going away for good.

Some companies are struggling. Some are getting by. Others are thriving.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, your key to a more successful future is continued training with trusted experts. Attend SMX Next, online November 14-15, to learn elite, sophisticated, actionable search marketing tactics that can help you stay a cut above the competition.


Nearly 150,000 marketers from around the planet have trusted SMX to deliver actionable, brand-safe tactics that generate quality traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. Now, it’s your turn.

Registration will be open in early September 2023!

Here's 10 undeniable reasons why you should join us at SMX Next:

1. You’ll unlock unbiased, trustworthy content

SMX is programmed by the experts at Search Engine Land, the publication of record for search marketers. That means the training you get will be accurate, authoritative, and hot-off-the-press.

2. 100% digital means you can attend from anywhere.

Get the world-class programming SMX is known for streamed directly to your computer. Train at work, in your home office, from the couch -- anywhere.

3. Train at your convenience with on-demand access.

Whether you’re in a different time zone or you can’t make time during the workday — it doesn’t matter. If you can’t attend live, all sessions, Q&As, and keynotes will be available on-demand, so you can watch when it fits your schedule.

4. Attending is more affordable than ever.

If you’re like most marketers, you’re juggling a lot of financial priorities… but that shouldn’t count you out of professional training. Unlock the entire program for FREE. No registration fees, no plane ticket, no hotel booking.

5. Safe, reputable, reliable training.

SMX speakers are held to the highest ethical standards. You’ll only learn tactics that are safe for your brand or clients. No get-rich-quick schemes that might land you in hot water with regulators, the search engines, or your boss.

6. Get expert answers to your toughest questions.

Join speakers and moderators for live Q&A (Overtime!) immediately after most sessions: Dig deeper into the material presented, hear what your peers have to say, and get your questions answered in real-time.

7. Validate your ongoing initiatives.

SMX gathers the world’s most experienced marketers together in one place. This is your opportunity to hear what they’re up to and benchmark against your own tactics, strategies, and knowledge.

8. Forge invaluable connections.

Growing your network in a virtual environment can be challenging. Invigorating topic-driven Coffee Talks and engaging breakout discussions (only available live!) make it fun and easy by connecting you with like-minded attendees who share your search interests.

9. Earn an official Certificate of Attendance.

When you attend SMX, you’re making a commitment to further your career. That kind of initiative deserves recognition. All attendees will receive a personalized Certificate of Attendance and a nifty digital badge -- perfect for posting on your LinkedIn profile.

Use your Certificate of Completion to:

  • Verify to your manager that you attended the event

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the latest industry topics and trends

  • Enhance your CV and resumé

  • Showcase your involvement in the search marketing community

10. Unite your team.

The more, the merrier at SMX. Invite your team to attend along with you — and whether you log in together at the office or in your own homes, you’ll soon be speaking the same language and working towards a shared vision of success.

SMX is programmed by the experts at Search Engine Land, the publication of record for search marketers. That means the training you get will be accurate, authoritative, and hot-off-the-press.

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