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    Well, I would like to share one important tip here that never connect the same keyword with the same url twice from a single web page. One should always use different keywords linked by different urls.

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    Even it is necessary to avoid link to same page twice from a single page because it makes no sense. Links should be placed in the content if it is really essential so it would looks natural.

    Paul Lopez

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    to get the best conversion results i tend to write and design the pages with the user/customer in mind and slip a few keywords into the text if it stays fluent. i also make sure theirs at least 5 or 6 images on a page and they dont need to big pictures they can be a simple ticklist. and i optimise the alt tag title and link name and make sure the text next to the image is of a similar nature. this is how i optimise my customers website design and they get pretty descent rankings along with good conversion rates