• Pat Grady

    I know it runs against the grain, but I think calls to action are overrated.  Going for the close too soon, with so few characters available, seems to be a lesser performing choice.  I often find saying more about the product, options, unique differences, range of choices, speed of delivery, stock status, shipping specials, and more – beats out the calls to action.

  • http://www.inkode.co.nz Aidan Rogers

    Very solid and practical article. Had a little chuckle at the “combo breaker’ reference – took me back to my youth :) 

  • http://twitter.com/andrew_goodman Andrew Goodman

    Hey Pat, I suppose it depends on the account, but personally, I’ve deliberately left calls to action off the end of the body copy many times just to be sure, and as long as the test is thorough, some version with a call to action usually survives the test. Buy Now! is only a few characters. I can see your point, though. Sometimes the version without a call to action wins. Lately I’ve been finding that putting “Buy” in the *headline* has a perverse effect. Perhaps it subtly gets people’s hackles up… for whatever reason, it seems to underperform.