• http://www.davehaber.ca Dave Haber

    Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the post. All are effective methods for finding quality targets for link building.

    I always like to look at competitors and the links they are getting. While I realize it is best to “own” links that my competitors don’t benefit from, often I can find a few juicy, high PageRank links by looking at the inbound links of highly-ranked competitors for a given keyword. This way, I’m sure to cover all the bases…

  • Julie Joyce

    Thanks for the comment Dave, and yes, that IS definitely a good way to do things and
    competitive analysis could easily be number 7.


  • http://www.cucumbermarketing.com Helen

    Excellent post Julie! Thanks for putting this together. Link building is not my favorite task of all :) (and I am sure I am not alone ;) But you just have to keep plugging away and continue researching new ways of finding ideal linking partners. :)


  • http://www.ezwebsitemonitoring.com/ ezaaron

    I also like to use the method Dave described, just looking at quality inbound links to competitors or other sites in your niche. This is a very good way of finding link partners and usually has a high success rate, especially if they link to 2 or more of your competitors already.

  • http://ontlo.com/blog Garrett French

    Referrals. Nice. I hadn’t thought to do that but it makes sense – if they like you enough to link to you, they will know who else should link to you too…

    I really appreciate the inside-the-agency glimpse you gave Julie!


  • Julie Joyce

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

  • pcsourcepoint

    Thanks for the article, I have embedded Google Maps, and made a My maps with dozens of hotel locations (Auckland, NZ), and have received visitors. Hence I guess links could be found via Maps, and perhaps falls in No. 6 – Other Categories. I guess many corporate/chain/prominent physical businesses (and their associates/partners) could be easily found for linking/link proposal..

    I applied for a link via Maps search, from one such hotel business and they sent me dozens of basic tourist/hotel directories from their SEO Marketing rep, which he created. Nice touch, but their directories in my opinion seemed worthless – as compared to the more prominent blog/NZ based directories. Their directories had only a dozen names, looked plain, etc, but still Google Map search is another link search avenue…

  • http://www.branding-viral.fr mamadoufalilou

    Excellent article, it demistifies and gives us a great approach of link building strategies.
    Also there are lots of websites specializing in PR and that publish articles you send them (increasingly trendy SEO technique in France).
    After sending them articles, you can see those who modified a little the content you sent and thoses who didn’t to rate them.