• http://twitter.com/Koozai_Tara Tara Dee West

    Really handy post as a checklist for PPC landing page testing. It’s amazing how much conversions increase just by having one clear call to action and not bombarding the user with lots of options!

  • http://twitter.com/christawatson Christa Watson

    Although I agree, not sure all of these can be implemented by “tomorrow”. Overall though you’ve hit good points.

  • nicopretorius

    Great list, but it should form part of the design & web strategy, not just be implemented overnight :)

  • or zilberman

    I too believe in optimization, most projects don’t leave up to they’re full potential at all without it. The principle of testing should be embedded into everything you do online, whether it’s the ads themselves, the landing pages, your seo and link building tactics, everything.

    There are even smaller changes that could be made that make a lot of change sometimes like text colors, box colors, bold and such.

  • rocketmankev

    i think most businesses have some great USP’s and they hide them away deep within content.

  • http://www.internetkapitaene.de/ Andreas Schülke

    Great article. These 7 factors are amongst the most important ones to test. The list could be extended endlessly, though. As long as you are testing, testing, testing anything at all you are on the right track IMO.

  • courtney lambert

    good post :)