• http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    By insisting on Silverlight 4, which is not supported on Linux nor will it be before real world sites move to the next version (Microsoft provides lip service to Linux users – obsolete Silverlight versions are supported by partner Novell, but only long after they are still useful), Microsoft has said to said again that it cares more about its internal Windows agenda than it does about the web.

    There are plenty of Linux users who are webmasters, yet Microsoft has shut them completely out. IMHO, it is no wonder that Microsoft will continue to be an also ran on the web. I may be a Google Fan Boy, but I’d also prefer that Google had some real competition. This is not how you go about it Microsoft.

  • http://www.marketingrelationship.com dmarks

    not impressed

    its nice to see some improved data, but the functionality is horrible…reminds me of how poor there PPC user interface is and how far behind google they remain on so many fronts!

  • http://informabiz.com Mehmet Korukmez

    Amazing,Microsoft done it again…Spent shed loads of money to build a brand new useless tool that compatible with Microsoft OS.Ignoring all linux users.
    Also Can’t locate the Export function too…